Getting started with Lacerte SDK

In an effort to support third party applications that integrate with Lacerte Tax, Intuit has developed a software development kit. This SDK provides the ability to read and write Lacerte tax data. The use of this SDK is required in order to interact with Lacerte’s encrypted tax data. The Lacerte Tax Application must also be installed and the user must have a valid Lacerte user login.

The SDK offers two integration approaches to read/write data:
  1. ODBC driver
  2. .Net Library/COM API that exposes an API via classes/interfaces

Download and install the SDK

The current version ( is available by selecting one of the following links.

To download the installer for 32 bit application : Lacerte-SDK-Installer x(86).msi
To download the installer for 64 bit application : Lacerte-SDK-Installer (x64).msi
Instructions for the SDK can be found here : Lacerte SDK Developer Instructions.pdf

Previous Releases

There are no previous versions available for download.

Report Issues

Please report issues and feedback on the SDK by sending a detailed email to