Technical requirements

Before you can list your application on Apps for QuickBooks Desktop, it must pass a technical review. The sections below detail the items that are required; make sure your app meets these requirements before submitting it. You must use the QuickBooks Desktop SDK, QuickBooks Point Of Sale SDK, or the QuickBooks Web Connector to meet these requirements, so be sure to include it when you create your app.

Apps published on Apps for QuickBooks Desktop must not only meet these requirements at the time of publication, but continuously after publishing. Intuit checks all apps every three years to ensure that they still meet the technical standards.

Operating environment requirements
  1. App runs on a supported Windows operating system
  2. App works with at least one of the last three versions of QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Point of Sale
UI components

These requirements involve parts of your app that are displayed to users.

  1. Only approved QuickBooks and Intuit images are used
  2. QuickBooks is spelled properly (including capitalization); no abbreviations are permitted
QuickBooks data connection

The API successfully passes data between your app and QuickBooks Desktop. Only QuickBooks Desktop SDK, Point of Sale SDK, or QuickBooks Web Connector calls are used to move data.

Details and test steps

  1. Read data from QuickBooks Desktop: Data should successfully appear in the app
  2. Write data to QuickBooks Desktop: Data successfully appears in QuickBooks Desktop



To speed your review, you will be asked to outline the steps you follow to test this requirement. Include how to trigger a data exchange and where to look in your app or in QuickBooks Desktop to see evidence of success. If possible, please use QuickBooks Desktop sample data included in install.