See example OAuth 2.0 SDK integrations

When you develop your app with one of our SDKs, we handle parts of the authorization process for you.

Here are sample OAuth 2.0 integrations for each SDK. They contain sample code and requests. Review them to get an overall sense of the authentication process.

Step 1: Get your app’s credentials

Start by getting your app’s Client ID and Client Secret.

Step 2: Know how to set your app’s URI

You don’t need to add a URI right now, but you may need to later on for certain example integrations.

Step 3: Review OAuth 2.0 integration examples

Select a link and follow the documentation in GitHub. Each language implementation has unique setup instructions.

Sample OAuth 2.0 integration examples for SDKs

Here are some examples for our supported SDKs:

Sample OAuth 2.0 integration examples without using SDKs

If you don’t plan on using one of our supported SDKs, we’ve got you covered: