Payroll API Open Beta



The Payroll Open Beta is now closed. At this time, we are no longer onboarding new applications.

This guide provides an overview of QuickBooks Online Payroll APIs available as part of limited beta program along with instructions to enroll in the program.
Payroll APIs at quick glance

Intuit has announced its newest APIs for Quickbooks Online Payroll in limited Beta. In this release, the Payroll APIs will allow third-party time tracking and benefits providers to connect directly to QuickBooks Online to provision deductions, benefits, pensions, sync employee contributions and sync time by Payroll items, thereby ensuring that company books and benefits statements are always 100% aligned. The APIs available in limited beta solve for the following use-cases:

Time Tracking

The Compensation APIs provide a list of supported compensation types (eg: Overtime, Double Overtime, Sick Pay, Vacation Pay, etc,.) for the company and employee. These APIs along with the Time Tracking API will allow you to track employee time for specific wage types for companies that have QBO Payroll enabled.

Benefits Tracking

The Benefits, Pension and Deduction APIs provide the list of supported deduction types (eg: 401K, Health Insurance, HAS, FSA, Loan Repayments etc,.) for the company and the employee. These APIs will allow you to sync the employee contribution amount, capping and tax info to QBO Payroll.