Make your app accountant ready

The QuickBooks Online Accountant apps tab is a good way to showcase your app to accountants. To be ready for the accountant apps tab, your app needs to support accountants who service multiple QuickBooks Online companies created for their multiple clients.

Provisioning your app

Via Intuit single sign-on, an accountant can sign in to your app for any of his clients’ QuickBooks companies.

  • Your application must be able to manage multiple connections from a single admin user by mapping the connections based on the company realmID. The realmID is provided to the app during the authorization workflow.
  • Make sure your app supports all the use cases on the accountant-ready requirements checklist.
  • Indicate your app is accountant-ready on your app’s settings page. Selecting Yes triggers a review of your app’s accountant readiness.
    • If your app is already published or submitted, this review is automatic.
    • New apps with Yes selected are reviewed upon submission. .. image:: AcctReady.jpg

The image below shows three connections made by Accountant John: one to his firm and one each for clients Sue’s Bakery and Bill’s Butcher. The app maintains a mapping (called Mapped ID in the diagram below) between each realmID and admin user for each of the three connections. Mapped IDs are indexed by realmID.


Connections to QuickBooks Online Accountant companies

There may be situations where you need to know if the admin user is connected to a QuickBooks Online Accountant company. Using the Entitlements endpoint, get the company’s entitlements and look through the response code for the following:

<Entitlement id="52">
   <name>Accountant Menu</name>