Public relations guidelines

Welcome to the Intuit Developer Platform!

Now that you are part of the platform, you may want to issue a press release or share via social media that your app is now available on Intuit’s

Below are Intuit’s guidelines for public relations, which you must adhere to in order for Intuit to approve its inclusion in your press release. As with any public company, Intuit needs to review all press materials that are distributed with its name and products included. To streamline this process, we’ve included helpful tips that you should be aware of when writing, as well as naming conventions and guidelines that will streamline the Intuit approval process.

Press Release Headline

When crafting your press release’s headline, position your company first.



Acme Announces Solve Everything App for Intuit OR Acme Joins Intuit Developer Platform NOT Intuit Selects Acme to Develop for Intuit Platform

Summarize your story in a concise headline – preferably 7 words or less – that compels an editor to read further.

Approved Messages

QuickBooks is the global leader in cloud accounting, with millions of subscribers worldwide. It is built to fuel small business success.

The Intuit Developer platform enables developers to integrate with rich QuickBooks financial and transactional data and offers unparalleled reach to small businesses through Intuit, where millions of QuickBooks Online users go to find, try, and buy apps that meet their needs.

Writing Guidelines

Press releases have a fairly standard appearance, both in format and writing style from headlines to overall length. Here are some best practices:

There are a few key rules you must follow when writing public relations material that mentions Intuit or any of its products – including press releases, case studies and fact sheets. These rules also apply when talking with reporters and industry analysts about your company’s involvement with the Intuit Developer platform. When you promote your company or your app, the following guidelines apply:




If you make factual claims about your product (for example, “Cuts data entry by 50 percent!”), the Federal Trade Commission requires that you have reasonable prior substantiation for that claim. For further information on this requirement, see the FTC Policy Statement Regarding Advertising Substantiation. If you do not have valid research to back up your claims, then do not make them.
Supporting Quotes

Due to the high number of requests and the time required to approve and research each release, Intuit may not be able to offer a supporting quote for each press release. Intuit will address supporting quotes on a per case basis. To request a quote, please contact Kim Amsbaugh ( at Intuit.

To simplify the quote approval process, we recommend that you draft and submit a “proposed quote” that Intuit PR can review.


DO NOT include the Intuit “boilerplate” statement at the end of your press release, unless approved by Intuit PR.



Intuit Inc. (no need for trademark symbol)

Intuit Developer platform (no need for trademark symbol)