Advertising and search engine marketing guidelines

As a developer with a published app on the QuickBooks App Store, you may use search advertising networks such as Google AdWords or Yahoo/Bing Ads to promote your app.

If you do, your app must adhere to the following guidelines for keywords and ad copy, and you request approval from Intuit beforehand.

Intuit retains the right to remove any ads that, at Intuit’s sole discretion, do not comply with these guidelines.

General advertising restrictions

Make sure any advertising for your app follows these guidelines:

Ad keywords

To trigger search ads for your app that integrates with Intuit products, you may only use Intuit marks, variations, or similar terms as in combination with other descriptive phrases such as “integrates with” or “works with”.

Intuit won’t approve use of Intuit marks for developers that are not listing their apps on the QuickBooks app store.

Negative keyword matching

You must negative match for the following keywords: “QuickBooks,” “QuickBooks Online,” “QB,” and “QBO.”

Acceptable keywords

You may bid on the following keywords only in combination with phrases such as “integrates with” or “works with”:


Important: The use of dynamic keyword insertion to customize any ad text is prohibited.
Position bidding - Bing Ads

When using Intuit marks in keywords as described above, developers may only bid for 3rd position or lower on Bing Ads​. Intuit reserves the right to bid for first and second ad position.

Ad display domains and URLs

Developers may not use any Intuit marks, variations, or similar terms, including but not limited to the marks listed above, as the display domain in any search ad.

The visible URL of ad can’t contain “QuickBooks,” “QB,” “Intuit,” or any other Intuit Brand or brand element before the root domain or within the root domain, or any terms that appear before the “.com”.

For example, you can’t use “” or “” as your visible URL.

All URLs, including visible URLs in your ads, must comply with the following requirements:

Request ad approval from Intuit

To get approval to use Intuit marks in your ads, make sure your ads follow the guidelines above. Then submit a request to us:

  1. Sign in to your developer account.
  2. Visit the the Intuit Developer Support site.
  3. Select the Contact Support link.
  4. From the Product dropdown, select
  5. From the Category dropdown, select Others.
  6. For the subject line, include your app’s name and “Request for Permission to use Ad Keywords.”

Include the following in your message: