Listing in multiple regions

When you’re ready to submit your app, click Submit for review at the top of your app’s listing

You’ll hear back from us within two business days to begin your review.

What happens next?

Your app will be tested to ensure that it complies with our technical, security, and marketing requirements, after which it will be listed on the QuickBooks app store. Learn more about next steps after go-live.

How long does review take?

The review process can be as short as two weeks, if you’ve prepared and tested thoroughly.

Submitting multiple cards for different countries

If you’re submitting separate app cards for separate countries, you can simply click each one prior clicking Submit. Each country requires its own card, but you can copy a completed card for a different country to each one you desire.

When to submit country-specific app cards

Only submit when both your app and app card are ready for country-specific review. Our team makes sure your app meets all requirements for the country.