Marketing requirements

The final portion of your app review is a focus on marketing. The goal of the app card review is to help you to be successful on the QuickBooks app store.

Apps published on the QuickBooks app store must not only meet these requirements at the time of publication, but continuously after publishing. Intuit checks all apps annually to ensure that they still meet the technical and security standards required.



The average estimated time it should take for your app to complete marketing review is about 1 day. This can vary if issues are found in your app during the review process.

Content standards

  • App card content is subject to review and approval by Intuit’s editorial team. We require you to use clear, business-appropriate language, and avoid textual, visual, or audio references to other services.
  • Intuit logo and branding guidelines are followed correctly.
  • You offer support and your contact info is correct.
  • Site visitors can understand what the app does and its benefits to QuickBooks Online users.
  • All links within your app work.
  • You can verify any claims made on the app card. For example, if you claim it is “The #1 CRM app,” be prepared to share evidence to back it up.
  • Your website URL cannot contain any Intuit Brand or brand element. For example, you cannot use, nor, or any variations thereof.
  • Your website cannot contain any Intuit website design elements from any Intuit-owned website nor any photographs from any Intuit-owned website.
  • You may only use the following approved phrase(s) to promote, advertise, market or communicate your relationship with Intuit: “Member: Intuit Developer Program” or “Member of the Intuit Developer Program.” You cannot use the terms “Intuit Partner” or any other description other than what is set forth above.
  • You cannot state, imply, promote, advertise, market or communicate in any manner that you are a preferred developer for Intuit (or QuickBooks or any other Intuit offering) or are an exclusive developer of Intuit.


  • All apps must have legible pricing. How you price your app is up to you–some apps are priced by number of users, some in recurring subscription payments, and some are single-pay.
  • When you price your app, you must indicate what currency the app uses. For example, writing “9.99” as a price is not sufficient, but listing “$9.99” or “9.99 US Dollars” is.
    • If you’re submitting your app across multiple regions, you do not need to translate currencies between regions. To continue the example above, if you submit an app in the US, Canada, and India regions, you can indicate the price in US dollars for each region. You do not need to convert $9.99 into Canadian and Indian currencies.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • All apps must have links to their company’s terms of service and privacy policies.
  • Your privacy policy and terms of service must be accessible from a public website, not behind a login gateway. It’s fine to have your terms of service and privacy policy on the same webpage, but if you do, it’s especially user-friendly to link directly to anchor tags for each section.

Image/Video quality

  • We strongly recommend you include a video with your app card, but it’s not a requirement. If you do include a video, don’t use content that doesn’t belong to you (music, clips of other media, etc.).
  • Images and videos should be a high enough resolution to appear clearly on screens of varying sizes. If you’re linking to a URL, double-check the URL for errors.

Branding compliance/references to competitor services

  • QuickBooks is a brand and as such, must be written out exactly as it is here, including capitalization.
  • Abbreviations such as “QB” or “QBO” are not allowed; please spell out the full brand name.
  • You must display the following notice on any materials where the Intuit and/or QuickBooks name is mentioned “Intuit and QuickBooks are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc. Used with permission.”
  • You are only permitted to use an Intuit logo to visually depict your application’s ability to interoperate and/or synchronize with an Intuit product.
  • We require that you do not reference companies in a similar market to Intuit’s App Store. If you’ve submitted your app across multiple markets, please check the content you submit to us for references to other companies. For example:
    • Do not show the login procedure for any service other than QuickBooks
    • Do not reference other companies in the audio or visual content of your video or images
    • Do not demonstrate product behavior or walkthroughs using products other than QuickBooks