QuickBooks app store marketing opportunities

Your app could transform the lives of millions of Main Street firms using QuickBooks to run their business. When you integrate your app with QuickBooks and publish on the QuickBooks app store, you immediately get:

  • Access to a powerful distribution channel where small businesses look for apps that work with QuickBooks and meet their specific needs.
  • A free QuickBooks app store listing and App Card (landing page) that lets customers try or purchase instantly.
  • Exposure for your app within QuickBooks, where you’re listed as a compatible solution.
  • A free developer dashboard to manage your app and track results.
  • QuickBooks app store marketing programs that bring prospects to the site.
  • Marketing tools and tips from Intuit’s expert marketing team.
  • Credibility with the QuickBooks customer community and Intuit ecosystem.

We can also help you promote your app outside the U.S. if you want to go global. Apps that demonstrate exceptional quality, service, and value to QuickBooks customers shown by growth in trials, signups, and positive reviews may be offered additional marketing opportunities, like featured positioning on the QuickBooks app store or in QuickBooks direct co-marketing and social marketing programs, event participation, and/or promotion of your app to the ProAdvisor community with webinars, newsletter features, and Intuit blog articles.

We encourage you to learn more about Intuit Developer and the benefits of marketing with the QuickBooks app store.