QuickBooks Payments API Sandbox FAQ

Here are more details about sandbox companies and how to use them to test code as you develop.

Which QuickBooks Online SKUs can I create sandbox companies for?

You can create sandboxes for QuickBooks Online Plus.

You can’t create sandboxes for Simple Start, Essentials, or Advanced

Tip: Each QuickBooks Online SKU comes with specific features. We recommend you test with the one your users use the most. Develop your app for features the majority of your users have access to.
How many sandbox companies can I have at a time?

You can have a maximum of 10 sandbox companies.

You automatically start with a US-based sandbox when you create your developer account.

How long are sandbox companies valid?

Sandbox companies are valid for two years.

When they expire, you’ll get a subscription cancellation message. You’ll need to create a new sandbox company.

If you see a cancellation message before two years:

  1. Close the message.
  2. In the open sandbox company, select the Gear icon and then Account and settings.
  3. Go to the Billing & subscription tab.
  4. Follow the steps to resubscribe.
Important: If your sandbox company expires, you may be asked to enter payment info. Don’t enter anything. You can’t renew expired sandbox companies. You’ll need to create a new one.
Which Client ID and Client Keys should I use for my sandbox company?

Always use the credentials in the Development section of your developer account for sandbox companies.

The credentials in the Production section are only for live, in-production apps and QuickBooks Online companies.

Which regions are supported?

Payments APIs are supported in the US and CA.

Howevers, sandboxes for payments are only supprted in the US.

US sandbox sample dataset details

Construction Trade

  • 141 transactions
  • 31 customers
  • 26 vendors
  • 4 employees
  • 20 items
  • 90 accounts

Payments APIs aren’t supported in:

Sandboxes aren’t available for these regions.

Can I reset or delete sandbox data?

No. You can’t reset the sample data in sandbox companies.

However, you can delete all of the data and completely start over. Follow these steps to delete the original data and anything else you’ve added.

Why do I get an error after deleting sandbox data?

In rare cases, you may get a “duplicate objects” message when you try to add new data. This is likely a caching issue.

In the open sandbox company, select your Profile icon and then Sign out. Then sign back in. This should clear the cache.

Can I change the SKU or region of an existing sandbox company?

No. Once you create a sandbox, you can’t change the region or SKU. You’ll need to create a new one.

Why do I keep opening the same sandbox, no matter which one I select?

You can’t open multiple sandboxes or QuickBooks Online companies in the same browser at once. However, you can:

By default, browsers will open the last open sandbox, or the last one on the list in your developer account. To switch to a different sandbox company:

  1. In the open sandbox company, select the Gear icon.
  2. Select Switch company.
  3. Select another sandbox company.
Why do I see a blank page when I try to enable Payroll for my sandbox company?

Payroll isn’t a supported feature for sandbox companies.

Can I create a sandbox specifically for the Merchant Service Center?

No. The Merchant Service Center isn’t supported in the sandbox environment.