Intuit Acquires itDuzzit: Syncing Data Between Cloud Apps Gets Easier

  2014-08-13 | by avigolan

I have very good news – Intuit has acquired itDuzzit!

As you may know, itDuzzit is a cloud-centric integration platform that offers tools and pre-built integration solutions for hundreds of web-based and mobile applications.

Beyond purchasing the technology, we are really happy to welcome itDuzzit’s two founders– Joe Dennis and Steve Mendoza to Intuit. Joe and Steve created the core technology that makes it simple and fast to sync data between cloud applications – connecting apps in minutes.

itDuzzit’s sophisticated rules-based engine really set them apart from the competition, and their technology benefits the entire QuickBooks Online ecosystem: third-party developers, accountants and small businesses.  This acquisition brings us closer to achieving our mission of helping every small business app connect to the QuickBooks platform.

The itDuzzit technology allows multiple audiences to create sophisticated integrations with very little coding required.  With their technology combined with the range of QuickBooks platform services we already offer, the breadth and depth of integrations our partners can build will grow tremendously.

I’m excited about what we can offer developers as a result of this transaction.  The Intuit and itDuzzit teams are already collaborating to fold the technology into the Intuit Partner Platform.  We look forward to sharing more about the itDuzzit roadmap in the coming months and hope you will join us at QuickBooks Connect to learn more.

 Avi Golan
VP and GM, Intuit Partner Platform



Karl Irvin | 2014-08-16

Is a great product. But it can be used for more than syncing data between cloud applications.

I worked on a itDuzzit project last year. itDuzzit downloads Big Commerce shopping cart transactions and credit card transactions automatically every night.

itDuzzit puts the downloaded transactions in a Dropbox folder which transfers them to a Dropbox folder on the clients desktop computer.

On the desktop, there is a program that transfers the transactions from the Dropbox folder to QuickBooks Enterprise. In this case, QuickBooks Enterprise is hosted on cloud 9 but it doesn’t have to be.

margit novack | 2015-03-10

I would like to contact someone who is familiar with syncing desktop version of quickbooks with cloud version of quickbase. We want to send info from quickbooks to qiuckcbase and are not clear if itduzzit does this or not. the research seems to be contradictory.
thanks for your help.

Hayes Homeworks | 2015-03-27

Regarding support for existing customers. Given the acquisition of itDuzzit by Intuit, I’d like to know how and to whom I should look for support. We had an existing integration development that we would like to complete and our communications with Steven, Joe, or Derek have gone unanswered (upon trying for weeks with emails and calls). We recognize that they have moved to the Intuit ecosystem and expect we may now have a new contact/support system but have received no communication regarding such. We have been a customer/developer since 2011 and would appreciate a reply to this as soon as possible so we can resume our business. Thank you sincerely for your attention on the matter. Sincerely, Thomas Hayes

Kara Lehnhardt | 2015-04-01

I have a similar question to Thomas. I have been using Itduzzit for a while and love the tool. However, out of the blue, my integrations stopped working January 31. Despite numerous effects to contact customer support over the last two months, I’ve received no response and the issue goes unresolved. If I don’t hear back soon, I’ll be forced to leave for another service. Does anyone know how to reach Itduzzit customer support? Thanks, Kara Lehnhardt

Lisa Rathjens | 2015-04-09

Thomas and Kara, thanks for your feedback on customer support on the site. Joe Dennis on the ItDuzzit team has now had the opportunity to talk with both of you, and we understand the frustration of not getting a timely response through support. We’ve been so focused on making itDuzzit a great platform at Intuit that we’ve been getting behind on our existing customer processes. We’re determined to resolve this in short order so that you’ll have the experience you expect from itDuzzit – and we can’t wait to show you and the whole itDuzzit user community all the great new features you’ll have access to with itDuzzit at Intuit. Thanks again for your feedback and patience – and stay tuned for news and developments over the next several months.

Derek Turner | 2015-06-16

I too have been using itDuzzit for many years and love the platform. I am an Enterprise level subscriber, however, like many others, support requests go unanswered, and issues related to system reliability go unaddressed. As a paying customer, when can we expect better support.

Derek Turner

Joe Dennis | 2015-06-22


Thanks for your years as a loyal itDuzzit customer. We’ve always strived to provide a reliable service as well as timely response to inquiries, but clearly there are times when we aren’t able to help as quickly as we would like. The team is hard at work focusing on improving the itDuzzit platform at Intuit, now rebranded as Intuit AppConnect. We’ll soon have news about the migration path for customers to move from to Intuit AppConnect, where you’ll find additional capabilities and conveniences, especially for extending the QuickBooks platform and publishing integrations as apps on

We’re also working on making some changes to the support ticket process in order to respond to requests more quickly. The last thing we want to do is frustrate customers with long response times, and we need to do better. Thanks again for being a customer and fan of the itDuzzit platform – and I can’t wait to introduce you and other longtime itDuzzit customers to the great new features of Intuit AppConnect.

Thomas Daly | 2015-07-01

Hi Derek,
I’ve introduced a couple customers to itduzzit and they signed up to use it for cloud app integration.
I’m going to take a look at AppConnect for additional customers.

I have a support issue with one customer’s service. The support ticket I’ve submitted to the itduzzit help link (zendesk) has gone unanswered. Is there somewhere else I can go for this support issue?


Kris Estrada | 2015-08-25

I am having some major issues trying to reach help. Both of my last two tickets have taken a very long time to get answered. In fact, I’m still waiting to hear back on my second. I tried tweeting and event inmailing itDuzzit employees on LinkedIn. If anyone knows how to best get a hold of them, please help.

Hayes Homeworks | 2016-01-20


I do appreciate your monitoring and replying these comments and following up. I have a project that was started previously and I’d like to complete that transaction as soon as possible. While I did get contacted by Joe as you mentioned below, he did not address this matter and it sits uncompleted at this point. I am excited about getting this project completed and would very much appreciate any help you can give me regarding this. Sincerely, Thomas Hayes


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