API Explorer

This page details the steps to setup API Explorer, a demo tool that will assist you in testing our APIs without building a client application. If you've already setup your application, you can directly go to API explorer site.

Use the API Explorer to Make API Calls

  1. Go to the API explorer site.
  2. Click Financial Data.
  3. Choose the app name you entered at step 2.2 from the Select App Integration dropdown.
  4. Enter the End User ID (your application's unique id for your customer - Please remember this id).
  5. Enter the Password you created during "Create an X.509 Certificate" prerequisite.
  6. Click Upload a file to navigate to your .pfx or .p12 file. An attempt to upload without a password(Step 5) will return an error.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Now you are authenticated.
  9. Click getInstitutions.
  10. Click Read.
  11. Click Try it!

This request pulls down thousands of financial institutions so it will take few minutes to return

Congratulations, you have successfully made your first API call!

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