Sample apps and sample code

Intuit provides several sample apps on IntuitDeveloper that demonstrate how to build an app using the .NET SDK, and several code samples that show how to implement specific features.

Sample apps

The following sample apps are available for the .NET SDK:

OAuth 2.0 sample implementationProvides a working example of OAuth 2.0 management.
OAuth 1.0 sample implementationProvides a working example of OAuth 1.0 management.
MVC 3 sample app for QuickBooks API V3Demonstrates how to integrate your app with the ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework.
.NET Web Forms sample app Shows how to integrate your app using web forms.
Webhooks sample appDemonstrates how to integrate your app using webhooks.

CRUD code samples

The following table lists sample code on IntuitDeveloper that shows how to define basic CRUD operations for entities available in the QuickBooks Online API:

Code SampleDescription
AccountSample code for the Account entity.
AttachableSample code for the Attachable entity.
BillSample code for the Bill entity.
BillPaymentSample code for the BillPayment entity.
BudgetSample code for the Budget entity.
ClassSample code for the Class entity.
CompanyCurrencySample code for the CompanyCurrency entity.
CompanyInfoSample code for the CompanyInfo entity.
CreditMemoSample code for the CreditMemo entity.
CustomerSample code for the Customer entity.
DepartmentSample code for the Department entity.
DepositSample code for the Deposit entity.
EmployeeSample code for the Employee entity.
EstimateSample code for the Estimate entity.
ExchangeRateSample code for the ExchangeRate entity.
InvoiceSample code for the Invoice entity.
ItemSample code for the Item entity.
JournalCode (FR local only)Sample code for the JournalCode entity.
JournalEntrySample code for the JournalEntry entity.
PaymentSample code for the Payment entity.
PaymentMethodSample code for the PaymentMethod entity.
PreferencesSample code for the Preferences entity.
PurchaseSample code for the Purchase entity.
PurchaseOrderSample code for the PurchaseOrder entity.
RefundReceiptSample code for the RefundReceipt entity.
ReportGereralLedgerSample code for the RefundReceipt entity.
SalesReceiptSample code for the GeneralLedger entity.
TaxAgencySample code for the TaxAgency entity.
TaxCodeSample code for the TaxCode entity.
TaxRateSample code for the TaxRate entity.
TaxServiceSample code for the TaxService entity.
TermSample code for the Term entity.
TimeActivitySample code for  the TimeActivity entity.
TransferSample code for the Transfer entity.
VendorSample code for the Vendor entity.
VendorCreditSample code for the VendorCredit entity.









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