When you are ready to make your app available to users, you can select one of the following publishing models.   

  • Go live with production keys: This model allows you to get your app up and running without publishing to the QuickBooks app store. Click here for more details.
  • Publish the app on the QuickBooks app store: This model requires your app to pass through technical, security, and marketing reviews  to ensure that it complies with Intuit's app standards. Once it has passed these reviews, your app will show up on the QuickBooks app store as well as in the QuickBooks Online apps tab.

    You can publish your app either with or without Intuit single sign-on; see more details here.

This chart shows an overview of the different publishing models and their authentication and authorization requirements. 


List yesList noSSO yesSSO noImplemetSSOPublishWithSSOOAuthPublishWithOutSSOOAuthOptionalOpenIDPubPrivately

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