The QuickBooks Online API is a RESTful API that accesses QuickBooks Online using standard HTTP GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE methods and a simple JSON input and output format.

Types of operations

  • Single requests. Send a single request and process its response individually.
  • Query requests. Send a query using the Intuit Developer SQL-like query language. Results are returned in one response, or paged as needed.
  • Batch operations. Batch multiple operations into a single request. For example, in a single batch request an application can create a customer, update an invoice, and read an account. Compared to multiple, single requests, a single batch request can improve an application's performance by decreasing network roundtrips and increasing throughput.
  • Changed data capture operations. The change data capture operation returns a list of objects that have changed since a specified time. This operation is for an app that periodically polls Data Services and then refreshes its local copy of resource data.

Common use cases

The QuickBooks Online API performs a variety of accounting tasks, supporting both US and selected global locales.

  • Manage customer and vendor data bases.
  • Manage sales-side transactions (invoice, sales receipt, etc.) and purchase-side (bill, expense, etc.) transactions.
  • Retrieve QuickBooks Online reports.
  • Keep track of sales and purchase taxes.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Configure company preferences.

Included in each resource page is pertinent information for using that resource along with sample request and response payloads for each operation. The samples are constructed such that they can be used directly in operations sent to a sandbox account (US only) without modification.

Using the API

Check out our REST essentials page for a quick reference guide to using the QuickBooks Online API.

More, please

  • Our SDKs do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Tutorials help you better understand implementing various use cases.
  • Reach out to other developers on our live community.

QuickBooks Online API XSD

Find current and past versions of the XSD here.

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