Intuit Developer Release Notes

Intuit Developer V8.3

Date: January 10, 2018

  • Publishing enhancements
    • Added a new selection on the app settings page to indicate your app's accountant readiness. Selecting Yes triggers a review of your app’s accountant readiness. If your app is already published or submitted, this review is automatic. New apps with Yes selected are reviewed upon submission. Learn more here.
    • Added App review timeline section on the App Listing page providing clear view of app review timelines.
    • Support Email and Phone Number no longer required in order to preview app  card.
  • API explorer enhancements
    • Updated API explorer to support OAuth 2.0
  • Documentation enhancements
    • Developers can now rate us as well as provide feedback for individual documents on the portal.
  • Resolved issues
    • Fixed an issue resulting in a non-responsive UI after manually saving the app card details page.
    • Fixed an issue where app settings can now be saved after disabling Intuit SSO.
    • Fixed an issue where after manually saving the app card details page resulted in non-responsive UI.
    • The Account profile page now indicates when changes were last saved.
    • Fixed an issue where bookmarked links did not navigate to actual section on the page.
    • For OpenID 2.0 implementations: the openid.return_to URL must now be same as OpenID URL field in the app settings on the portal.  Otherwise, the OpenID service provider blocks the redirect and responds with Bad Request.

Intuit Developer V8.2

Date: October 2, 2017

  • User interface enhancements
    • Added top level drop down menu to enable 1-click access to tools and resources.
    • Enhanced My Apps page to display app status with a consistent look and feel.
  • Publishing enhancements
    • Added locale specific progress bars enabling developers to determine the completion status of each app listing.

Intuit Developer V8.1

Date: August 31, 2017

  • OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect
    • The OAuth 2 playground redirect URL is automatically added to the list of redirect URLs on the app's Keys tab.
    • Developers can now rotate the client secret. After rotation, the old cliet secret expires after seven days.
    • A Decode ID Token button is added to the OAuth playground that displays the decoded version of the OpenID Connect ID token.
    • Added informative banner at top of app's dashboard pages that tells whether the app integrated with OAuth 1.0a  or OAuth 2.0.
    • The development Connect Request URI now accepts http://localhost.
  • App listing
    • Added informative pop-up on the App card, informing developers about the new app card and associated changes.
    • App listing tab navigation enhanced: you can now switch easily between content sections to edit rather than clicking on the Edit button in each section.
    • Ability to duplicate an existing app listing from one locale to another.
    • New available pricing plan configurations.
    • Removed Save buttons from each section and implemented autosave. Additionally, you can manually save your listing at the top of the page. 
    • Two new sections: Key Benefits and How it works with QuickBooks. Developers with apps already published on the apps store should go back and add in the content for these two new sections. 
  • Revised and reorganized app card layout
    • App cards have a new look designed to help our accountants and small businesses better understand how your app can help them.
      The new format introduces some new text fields and removes the old Caption text fields. When you next update and save your listing, the new text fields appear on your card in the app store. The old Caption text fields are not viewable in the new format here, and will not appear on your app store listing after you revise and save it. If you have Caption text that you want to preserve, please copy it from your current listing on the app store before updating your listing to the new format.
    • Click here for complete information about app listings.
  • Documentation related to QuickBooks Payments is now separate from QuickBooks Online documentation.
  • Resolved issues
    • Fixed a bug where developers could not access production QBO company through the View Company button.
    • Fixed an issue where port numbers were not allowed for development Open ID URI.

Intuit Developer V8.0

Internal, only.

Intuit Developer V7.15

Internal, only.

Intuit Developer V7.14

Date: July 17, 2017

  • OAuth 2.0 authorization and OpenID Connect authentication now available for new apps.
    • New apps must implement OAuth 2.0 authorization and OpenID Connect authentication now available for new developers or existing developers with no apps. Click here to get started.
    • Sample integrations available here.
    • OAuth 1.0a and OpenID 2.0 documentation available here. This is provided as a reference to existing apps.

Intuit Developer V7.13

Date: June 19, 2017

  • App category selection, formerly provided on the app Settings page, is now located on the App Listing page. Formerly one flat list where developers could choose multiple categories, categories are now grouped into primary and secondary lists. Developers must choose a single primary category and and optional secondary category. For currently listed apps with more than two categories, developers are required to conform to the primary/secondary format if they update their app. Click here for more information about selecting categories.

Intuit Developer V7.12

Internal, only.

Intuit Developer V7.11

Internal, only.

Intuit Developer V7.10

Date: April 20, 2017

Intuit Developer V7.9

Internal, only.

Intuit Developer V7.8

Internal, only.

Intuit Developer V7.7

Date: February 9, 2017

  • Enhanced search indexing.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes. 
  • Documentation changes
    • Revised and refreshed documentation for OAuth 1.0 and Single Sign-on workflows.
    • Created a short guide about options available to publish your app, with auth and auth requirements for each model.
    • Created a new Programming guide with details about using our APIs.
    • The remaining dev guides were repurposed as a series of tutorials.
    • A new App integration overview was added to the Dev guide line up.

Intuit Developer V7.6

Internal, only.

Intuit Developer V7.5

Internal, only.

Intuit Developer V7.4

Date: December 6, 2016

  • Streamlined the referral app publishing process. A referral app no longer needs to be explicitly white listed by Intuit Developer staff before it is published. As of this release, devs can self-publish an app as a referral app by configuring the Referral URL on the production app settings page.  See the referral app process for full details.
  • Updated tooltip descriptions for various URL fields on the development and production app settings pages. 
  • Resolved issues
    • Miscellaneous alignment and formatting issues with the landing page.
  • JavaScript library: Current release is v1.3.5.
  • Documentation

Intuit Developer V7.3

Date: November 3, 2016

  • Improved response when displaying doc pages.
  • Enhanced visibility of home page links.
  • Resolved issues
    • Fixed several display and scrolling issues with doc pages.
    • Fixed an issue where search results contained odd characters.
  • JavaScript library: Current release is v1.3.5.
  • Documentation
    • Doc page title now displayed in browser tab.

Intuit Developer V7.2

Date: October 10, 2016

  • New email verification experience for new Intuit Developer accounts. Former verification and Intuit Developer welcome messages were combined into one email. Now, two separate emails are sent: one for email verification and one with the Intuit Developer welcome message. Additionally, the welcome message contains richer content with links to tools and resources to get you started.

There is a current known issue when new user creates an app before confirming the email address: after clicking the Production tab, a confirmation email pop up displays. After confirming the email during the same session, if the user tries to navigate to the production tab again, the confirmation email pops up again. To proceed, the user has to either sign out and sign in back or navigate to the account profile page after confirming the email address in order to set the internal email verified status.

  • Resolved issues
    • Removed extra characters appearing at the end of URLs for doc pages.
  • JavaScript library: Current release is v1.3.5.
  • Documentation

Intuit Developer V7.1

Date: Sept 20, 2016

  • New simple and elegant home page that now includes a dynamic update of new releases and upcoming events.
  • New QuickBooks API collection for Postman HTTP client: Use the Postman HTTP client with our recently curated QuickBooks API Postman collection to explore API resources.  See Postman for complete details.
  • Enhanced doc navigation
    • Left nav bar now displays parent-child relationships with shading and indentation
    • Scroll state now maintained for all pages
  • Resolved issues
    • Documentation
      • Fixed an issue where collapsing the container does not refresh the content to the right.
      • Fixed an issue where all documentation pages and search results were named Intuit Developer.
    • Webhooks
      • Entering a invalid URL for Webhooks on the portal now gives an informational error message.
      • Show token pop-up can now be closed.
      • The Bill entity has been added to the list of operations supported with Webhooks. See Webhooks for more details.

    • App card settings
      • Fixed an issue where Short name is already taken error message is displayed even before the short name is changed.
  • JavaScript library: Current release is v1.3.5.
  • Documentation
  • Location tracking—New topic for the QuickBooks Online API: location tracking provides a way to track different areas of the business apart from a particular client or project. For example, different properties, stores, sales regions, territories, and so on.

Intuit Developer V7.0

Date: August 25, 2016

  • Added update capability to First Name, Last Name, and Email Address on Account Profile page.
  • Added a Subscribe button to the app's dashboard on the Production tab. This button allows you to preview your user's experience after they click the Get App Now button for your app on the QuickBooks app store. You see, first hand, the connect to QuickBooks flow as your user sees it.
  • Resolved issues
    • Miscellaneous display issues resolved with left-hand navigation bar, scroll bars, IE browser interactions, and Firefox brower interactions.
    • Fixed an issue where developers were not able to get production keys due to email format
  • JavaScript library: Current release is v1.3.5.

JavaScript library versions

Click here for information.
VersionRelease DateDescription

December 2, 2015

Internal restructuring and no external changes in functionality. As such, upgrading to this version is optional.
1.3.4N/AInternal restructuring and no external changes in functionality. As such, upgrading to this version is optional.
1.3.3April 14, 2015Support for iFrame with Connect to Quickbooks button.
1.3.2January 21, 2015Support added for payment option, intuitReferred. Available if QuickBooks Payments API services are enabled.
1.3.1December 17, 2014

Internal restructuring and no external changes in functionality. As such, upgrading to this version is optional.

1.3.0October 22, 2014

Support added for QuickBooks Payments Beta API services. If you are integrating with QuickBooks Payments Beta you must upgrade your apps to access this version.

1.2.4September 19, 2014Versioning started. 

To take advantage of functionality provided by a particular JavaScript version, you must rework your implementation by referencing the explicit version of the library.

  1. Find the instance of the following <script> tag in your code:
       src="" type="text/javascript">
  2. Add the version designation. The example below enables version 1.3.5. 
    intuit.ipp.anywhere.js to intuit.ipp.anywhere-version.js. The <script> tag now looks like:
       src="" type="text/javascript">

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