3. Create a Test Merchant Account

Legacy API. Use the QBMS Payments API to work with Hosted PayPage, or if you need to implement recurring billing soon.
For eCommerce and other payment integrations, use our widely adopted Payments API.


The ability to create new test merchant accounts has been deprecated. In order to test transactions on your app, you must either have an existing account or test with live transactions. We recommend any users who do not already have a test merchant account migrate their app to the newer Payments API.

In order to process transactions in the PTC test environment, you must create a test merchant account.  Real merchant accounts in the production environment will not work in the PTC environment.

You will need:

  • Valid email address - we recommend you use an email address that has not been used before in any of the QuickBooks Online or QBMS test environments.  It does not have to be the same address you used to register on IDN or to create your application.
  • Password - you will need to use this to later create a connection ticket and view transaction details online.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to https://merchant.ptcfe.intuit.com/si...Bmerchant=true 

Note: this url is for creating a test merchant account in the PTC environment.  It will not create a merchant account for use in the production environment.

  1. Make sure the option "Apply for my first Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service account" is selected and enter and confirm a valid email address and click on ‘Next’.  You can leave the "Special offer code" field blank.  This page looks very similar to a real QBMS merchant application, but it is emulated.

  1. “Your Application Has Been Submitted” page is shown. Approval mail will be sent to the email address specified.

  1. Click on the ‘Enter your QuickBooks Online ID’ link in the approval mail to create an account.


  1. Click on ‘Create an account’ link in the “Confirm your Intuit login” page.


  1. In “Create your Payments login” page, enter the email address used before and all other details and then click on ‘Create Account’.



  1. The “User ID and password saved” page is shown.


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