Create an Intuit Developer account

If you already have an Intuit account, use credentials from that account to sign in as a developer on Otherwise, follow the steps below for setting up your Intuit account.

  1. From the menu bar on any page of, click Sign In.
  2. Go to the bottom of the form and click Create an account, complete the form, and click Create Account.
  3. On the confirmation dialog, provide a few profile details and click All set.
  4. Watch your inbox for a verification email from us.

That's it! Welcome to Intuit Developer. We'll send you a welcome email with handy links to help you get started.


Choose the user ID of your account carefully. Going forward, once an app is created in a given account it cannot be moved to another account or deleted. If you are building apps for a client, we recommend you create a dedicated account for that client that stays with them, leaving them full access.

As a developer, you get access to:

  • Online app-management tools to help you with development and production issues.
  • A free private sandbox environment for testing your apps.
  • A stable, growing platform to help support your app and your business.
  • A smart, active community of developers and support engineers.
  • Lots of developer tools and docs to speed your work.
  • Expert support to help you out of a jam.


 Got Questions? Get Answers in our developer forums.