Create an app

When creating your app, you can choose from several different publication models, depending on how you plan to publish and market your app. Refer to the table below for brief descriptions of the various models available.

Choose your app publication model

Your app's authentication and authorization requirements depend on how you plan to publish it. Use this flowchart to determine how you want to publish your app and understand what you will need to implement. 

List yesList noSSO yesSSO noImplemetSSOPublishWithSSOOAuthPublishWithOutSSOOAuthOptionalOpenIDPubPrivately

Create your app

Follow the steps below to start creating your QuickBooks Online app.

  1. Sign in to your Intuit Developer account. 
  2. From the menu on any page, click My Apps.
  3. Click the Create new app button.
  4. Click the Select APIs button.
  5. Select your APIs. To build an app that integrates with QuickBooks Online and/or process payments, select one or both of the QuickBooks Online APIs: Accounting and/or Payments.
    Tip: To list your app on QuickBooks, you must include the Accounting API.

    Learn more about the APIs.

  6. Your new app opens to its Dashboard tab.

Where your apps live

Once you create an app, it lives under My Apps. Go the menu on any page and click My Apps. Click any app to open it. See more details at how to manage your apps.

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