OAuth 1.0a

The QuickBooks Online API uses OAuth 1.0a protocol for authorization and OpenID 2.0 for Intuit single sign-on user authentication. Implementation of these components in your app varies based on the publishing model you choose.


This content is provided as a reference for existing apps that implement OAuth 1.0a and OpenID 2.0. New or existing developers with no previous apps must implement OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

Which app publishing model is right for you?

Use this table to determine authentication and authorization implementation requirements based on your publishing model.

Publishing modelInitial app sign upImplementation requirements 

Listed on app store with Intuit single sign-on enabled

Seamless sign up via app store Get App Now button.

Listed on app store with Intuit single sign-on disabled
(also known as a Referral app)

Redirection to app landing page via Learn More button.


Not listed on app store 

Via app website.

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