Submit your app for review

Is your app ready for review?

Before your app can appear in QuickBooks or on the QuickBooks app store, we must review it. Submit your app only after:

Submit your app

When you're ready to submit your app, go to the bottom of the app card form and click Submit app for review.  

Well done!

You'll hear back from us within two business days to begin your review. We'll collaborate with you on the review, especially app promotion and messaging. A member of our marketing team will contact you work with you on app card copy and help you figure out how to promote your app.

How long does review take?

The review process can be as short as two weeks, if you've prepared and tested thoroughly.

Submitting multiple cards for different countries

If you're submitting separate app cards for separate countries, you must complete them and submit them one-by-one. To track the status of each card, just return to the App Listing page.

When to submit country-specific app cards

Only submit when both your app and app card are ready for country-specific review. Our team makes sure your app meets all requirements for the country. We also review your custom app card marketing content targeting that country's businesses.

After go-live

  • Use the QuickBooks API Connections Report dashboard to track your trials and subscriptions. Refer to Manage your app for more details.
  • Use the Subscribe button on the app's QuickBooks API Connections Reports dashboard to preview your user's experience after they click the Get App Now button for your app on You see, first hand, the connect to QuickBooks flow.
  • You can edit your app card at any time with new features or other content. Your partner manager reviews and approves or rejects your changes within three business days. Changes are pushed live when approved.
  • You can now begin your marketing campaign to announce your presence on Read how to promote your app.

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