Logos and naming guidelines

Naming guidelines

It is acceptable to make truthful, factual references to Intuit’s products and services in plain-text prose descriptions of the features and benefits of your app, but not in your app's packaging, naming, and branding. This means that the naming and branding your app are not to involve names that are similar to "Intuit," "QuickBooks," "Turbo," and "Mint." For legal details, please see the application naming and advertising restrictions in the Intuit Partner Platform Terms of Service

Logos for use on your website and marketing materials

Here are the approved Intuit branding and marketing assets that you may use in your product or when marketing your app. You can download all these assets at once with this file: intuit_approved_logos.zip.

QuickBooks Logo_Horz_Rev.png

QuickBooks Logo_Horz_White.png

QuickBooks Logo_Horz.png

1100 x 300 PNG1100 x 300 PNG1100 x 300 PNG




1100 x 600 PNG1100 x 600 PNG1100 x 600 PNG

Examples of incorrect use of Intuit logos


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