QuickBooks Online Accounting API Release Notes

For earlier versions of QuickBooks API V3 Data Services not covered here, see Archives.

QuickBooks Accounting API XSDs

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VersionRelease DateLink
v3,minor version 11May 27, 2017v3 minor version 11.zip
v3, minor version 10April 25, 2017

v3 minor version 10.zip

v3, minor version 9April 25, 2017v3 minor version 9.zip
v3, minor version 8November 22, 2016v3 minor version 8.zip
v3, minor version 7July 27, 2016v3 minor version 7.zip
v3, minor version 6February 17, 2016v3 minor version 6.zip
v3, minor version 5December 15, 2015v3 minor version 5.zip
v3, minor version 4

Phase 1—September 24, 2015
Phase 2—November 19, 2015

v3 minor version 4.zip
v3, minor version 3

Phase 1—May 29, 2015
Phase 2—August 11, 2015
Phase 3—August 27, 2015

V3 minor version 3.zip
v3, minor version 2March 27, 2015V3 minor version 2.zip
v3, minor version 1March 6, 2014V3 minor version 1.zip

QuickBooks Online v1705

Date: May 27, 2017

  • Support for Australian Tax Office (ATO) Simpler BAS is now available in QuickBooks Online sandbox companies for the AU locale. Full support in AU-locale production companies is available July 1, 2017. Click here for further information about ATO Simpler BAS and how QuickBooks Online supports it via Simpler GST tax codes.
  • The sparse update operation for CompanyInfo now supported. available with minor version 11.
  • Allowed attachable file types: starting June 12, 2017 the list of approved file types has changed. See the table on this page for approved types.

QuickBooks Online v1704

Date: April 25, 2017

  • Reimbursable charge details are now included on sales Item line types for Invoice objects. Click here for more information. Available with minor version 9.
  • The Customer resource now supports the TaxExemptionReasonId parameter. Available with minor version 10.

QuickBooks Online v1703

Internal, only.

QuickBooks Online v1702

Date: March 9, 2017

  • The field, Item.FullyQualifiedName, is now filterable.
  • New preferences attribute: Preferences.SalesFormsPrefs.EmailCopyToCompany. If set to true, the QuickBooks company is cc'ed on any email sent to customers for sales transactions. Company email used is specified by CompanyInfo.Email.Address.  Available with minor version 8.
  • New preferences attribute: Preferences.SalesFormsPrefs.UsingPriceLevels. If set to true, the QuickBooks company has price levels enabled for sales transactions.
    About price levels.
    • Scheduled to ship with the v1704 release, custom price rules will be available to select QuickBooks companies via the UI, only. The allows the QuickBooks company to establish custom price rules (known as price levels), rather than base pricing, to use on sales forms for any given customer or item. For companies so enabled, creating transactions with base pricing may not be what the user intends. Make sure your app is aware of how Preferences.SalesFormsPrefs.UsingPriceLevels is set so you can warn your users appropriately. Support for price levels in the QuickBooks API is not planned.
    • Price Levels FAQs
      • I have customers who are already using my app, how will they be affected because of this new feature? 
        There is no factor if your app pulls pricing data for the intent of read-only purposes.  That is, it reads pricing information from the QuickBooks online company but doesn't actively write it back or set pricing in sales forms.
      • I am developing a new integration with QBO, what code should I add in my app to address this new feature ? 
        Make sure your app is aware of how Preferences.SalesFormsPrefs.UsingPriceLevels is set in the QuickBooks Online company.  For companies so enabled, make sure your users are aware that your app cannot access custom price levels.
      • What happens if I don’t make this change ? Will this corrupt the user’s data?
        Blindly creating sales transactions with base pricing when the QuickBooks Online company has price levels enabled may not be what the user intends and could result in sales transactions that silently have incorrect pricing.
  • Resolved issues
Reference numberEntity 
QBO-34979ItemQueries on Item.FullyQualifiedName are now supported.


ClassClass resource now supports soft delete (Active=false).

QuickBooks Online v1701

Internal, only.

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