This Essentials section explains how to integrate your app so it can use the public QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payments APIs on behalf of your users. 

Once you have integrated your app, you can serve it privately to your users, or you can reach Intuit's customers by listing your app on the QuickBooks app store, where millions of QuickBooks Online users go to find apps that meet their business needs.

What you can do here

Connect to or extend the tools that most small businesses use to run their shops. Leverage the power of Intuit's network and solutions.

  • QuickBooks Online: Integrate your time tracking, job costing, inventory management, and other business apps with QuickBooks Online to make accounting easier.
  • Payments. Process credit card payments on your eCommerce website or set up online processing up for your customer's site, and record transactions in QuickBooks Payments. 

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