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New features and fields in QuickBooks SDK 13.0

Support for QuickBooks Online has been removed from the SDK. QuickBooks online is now accessed through IDS V3 calls using the QuickBooks Online APIs described at

New features and fields in QuickBooks SDK 12.0

NOTE: A majority of these have not been implemented in QuickBooks 2013 R1. These were added to the spec so they can be implemented in later releases.

  • GeneralSummaryReportType added reports BalanceSheetByClass, InventoryValuationSummaryBySite, LotNumberInStockBySite, SerialNumberInStockBySite
  • IncludeColumn added Currency, ExchangeRate
  • Added AddtitionalContactListRef has elements ContactName and ContactValue
  • Added ShipToAddressData has elements Name, Addr1-5, City, State, PostalCode, Country, Note and DefaultShipTo flag
  • Added Cc (Carbon Copy) to CommInfo group
  • Added ContactInfo has elements Salutation, FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, JobTitle, AdditionalContactRef
  • Added ListWithClassFilter has elements MaxReturned, ActiveStatus, FromModifiedDate, ToModifiedDate, (NameFilter or NameRangeFilter), ClassFilter
  • Added ListQueryWithOwnerIDAndClass has elements (ListID or FullName or ListWithClassFilter), IncludeRetElement, OwnerID
  • Added ClassFilter to CustomerListFilter and VendorListFilter
  • Added BarCodeQuery has element BarCodeValue
  • Added TransferTxnFilter has element MaxReturne, ModifiedDateRangeFilter, TxnDateRangeFilter
  • Added TransferTxnQueryFilter has element (TxnID or TransferTxnFilter), IncludeRetElement
  • Added IncludeColumn to TimeReportQuery
  • Added TransferFromAccountRef and TransferToAccountRef has element ListRef
  • Removed OtherAcountRef
  • Added InventorySiteLocationRef, FromInventorySiteLocationRef, ToInventorySiteLocationRef, ParentSiteRef has element InventorySiteListRef
  • Added ShipToAddress has element ShipToAddressData
  • Added AdditionalContactRef has element AdditionalContactListRef
  • Added Barcode has element BarCodeValue, AssignEvenIfUsed, AllowOverride
  • Added Contacts has element ContactInfo
  • Added ContactsMod has element ListID, EditSequence, ContactInfo
  • Added ContactsRet has element ListID, TimeCreated, TimeModified, EditSequence, Contact, ContactInfo
  • Added AdditionalNotes has element Note
  • Added AdditionalNotesMod has element NoteID, Note
  • Added AdditionalNotesRet has element NoteID, Date, Note
  • Added BarCodeRet has element ListTypeID, FullName
  • Added TransferRet has element TxnCore, TxnDate, TransferFromAccountRef, FromAccountBalance, TransferToAccountRef, ToAccountBalance,       ClassRef, Amount, Memo
  • Added TransferAdd has element TxnDate, TransferFromAccountRef, TransferToAccountRef, ClassRef, Amount, Memo
  • Added TransferMod has element TxnCoreMod, TxnDate, TransferFromAccountRef, TransferToAccountRef, ClassRef, Amount, Memo
  • Added ClassFilter has element ListID, FullName, ListIDWithChildren, FullNameWithChildren
  • Added AssignClassTo to AccountingPreferences
  • Added IsRSEnabled, IsBarcodeEnabled to ItemsAndInventoryPreferences
  • Added ClassRef, JobTitle, ShipToAddress, AdditionalContactRef, ContactsRet, AdditionalNotesRet, PreferredDeliveryMethod to CustomerRet
  • Added ClassRef, JobTitle, ShipToAddress, AdditionalContactRef, Contacts, AdditionalNotes, PreferredDeliveryMethod to CustomerAdd
  • Added ClassRef, JobTitle, ShipToAddress, AdditionalContactRef, ContactsMod, AdditionalNotesMod, PreferredDeliveryMethod to CustomerMod
  • Added JobTitle, AdditionalContactRef, AdditionalNotesRet to EmployeeRet
  • Added JobTitle, AdditionalContactRef, AdditionalNotes to EmployeeAdd
  • Added JobTitle, AdditionalContactRef, AdditionalNotesMod to EmployeeMod
  • Removed SSN, Gender from EmployeeMod
  • Added ClassRef, JobTitle, AdditionalContactRef, ContactsRet, AdditionalNotesRet to VendorRet
  • Added ClassRef, JobTitle, AdditionalContactRef, Contacts, AdditionalNotes to VendorAdd
  • Added ClassRef, JobTitle, AdditionalContactRef, ContactsMod, AdditionalNotesMod to VendorMod
  • Added BarCodeValue, ClassRef to ItemServiceRet, ItemNonInventoryRet, ItemOtherChargeRet, ItemInventoryRet, ItemFixedAssetRet, ItemDiscountRet,       ItemPaymentRet, ItemSalesTaxRet
  • Added BarCode, ClassRef to ItemServiceAdd, ItermServiceMod, ItemNonInventoryAdd, ItemNonInventoryMod, ItemOtherChargeAdd, ItemOtherChargeMod, ItemInventoryAdd, ItemInventoryMod, ItemFixedAssetAdd, ItemFixedAssetMod, ItemDiscountAdd, ItemDiscountMod, ItemPaymentAdd, ItemPaymentMod, ItemSalesTaxAdd, ItemSalesTaxMod
  • Added BarCodeValue, ClassRef, ManufacturerPartNumber to ItemInventoryAssemblyRet
  • Added BarCode, ClassRef, ManufacturerPartNumber to ItemInventoryAssemblyAdd, ItemInventoryAssemblyMod
  • Added BarCodeValue to ItemSubtotalRet, ItemSalesTaxGroupRet, ItemGroupRet
  • Added BarCode to ItemSubtotalAdd, ItemSubtotalMod, ItemSalesTaxGroupAdd, ItemSalesTaxGroupMod, ItemGroupAdd, ItemGroupMod, SpecialItemAdd
  • Added ParentSiteRef to InventorySiteRet, InventorySiteAdd, InventorySiteMod
  • Added InventorySiteLocationRef to ItemLineRet, ItemLineAdd, ItemLineMod, ItemGroupLineAdd, InvoiceLineRet, InvoiceLineAdd, InvoiceLineGroupAdd, InvoiceLineMod, EstimateLineRet, EstimateLineAdd, EstimateLineMod, EstimateLineGroupAdd, SalesOrderLineRet, SalesOrderLineAdd, SalesOrderLineMod, SalesOrderLineGroupAdd, SalesReceiptLineRet, SalesReceiptLineAdd, SalesReceiptLineMod, SalesReceiptLineGroupAdd, CreditMemoLineRet, CreditMemoLineAdd, CreditMemoLineMod, CreditMemoLineGroupAdd, ChargeRet, ChargeAdd, ChargeMod, PurchaseOrderLineRet, PurchaseOrderLineAdd, PurchaseOrderLineMod, PurchaseOrderLineGroupAdd, QuantityAdjustment, SerialNumberAdjustment, LotNumberAdjustment, InventoryAdjustmentLineMod, InventoryAdjustmentLineRet, BuildAssemblyRet, BuildAssemblyAdd, BuildAssemblyMod, ItemSitesRet
  • Added Memo, Address to SalesTaxPaymentCheckAdd
  • Added InventorySiteLocationRef, (SerialNumber or LotNumber) to ComponentItemLineRet
  • Added FromInventorySiteLocationRef, ToInventorySiteLocationRef to TransferInventoryLineRet, TransferInventoryLineAdd, TransferInventoryLineMod
  • Added DataExtListRequire, DataExtTxnRequire, DataExtFormatString to DataExtDefAdd, DataExtDefMod

New features and fields in QuickBooks SDK 11.0

  • Multi-Location Inventory (MLI) Serial Number or Lot Tracking
    • Added SerialOrLotNumber to IncludeColumn Element
    • Added Return Elements SerialNumberRet
    • Added SerialNumberAdjustment and LotNumberAdjustment to InventoryAdjustmentLineAdd
    • Added SerialNumber and LotAdjustment to InventoryAdjustmentLineMod
    • Added SerialNumberRet and LotNumber to InventoryAdjustmentLineRet
  • Multi-Location Inventory (MLI) FIFO Inventory Costing
  • Multi-Location Inventory (MLI) PreferencesQuery enhanced for multi-location inventory properties
  • Added ItemReceiptAccount to SpecialAccountType
  • Added BuildAssembly to TemplateType
  • Added ShipAddress to VendorAdd, VendorRet, VnedorMod
  • Added DiscountClassRef to AppliedToTxnRet, AppliedToTxnAdd, AppliedToTxnMod
  • Added UnbilledQuantity & IsBilled to PurchaseOrderLineRet
  • Added LiabilityAccountRef to ItemReciptRet
  • Added DataExtID, DataExtListRequire, DataExtTxnRequire & DataExtFormatString to DataExtDefRet
  • <ErrorRecovery> tag is returned in response if the request goes thro’ Error recovery routine.
  • A new API GetQBLastError() introduced in QBXMLRP2 that returns the last error occured during the last session. 
  • Item/Bill Split - EnhancedInventoryReceiving
  • UAC Changes starting with QB2011R7

New features and fields in QuickBooks SDK 10.0

  • Multi-Location Inventory (MLI)
    • New requests (InventorySite Add, Mod, Query)
    • Multi-location inventory added to Transactions (Item, Invoice, Estimate,
      SalesOrder, SalesReceipt, CreditMemo, Charge, PurchaseOrder,
      InventoryAdjustment, Component, BuildAssembly) for Line Items only.
      GroupItems will return as unsupported in response. (See known bugs.)
    • PreferencesQuery enhanced for multi-location inventory (Available and Enabled)
  • SalesTaxPaymentCheck Add and Mod added
  • ToDoMod added
  • SalesTaxPayable Query added
  • InventoryAdjustment Mod added
  • TransferInventory (Add, Mod, Query) added
  • InventoryAdjustment Add - Value Difference & Quantity Difference added
  • SetCredit added to Invoice, BillPayment and RecievePayment
  • ListMerge added Item values

New features and fields in QuickBooks SDK 8.0

  • Multi-Currency Support
    • New requests (New Currency Add, Mod, Query, Delete)
    • Multi-currency support (Currency and Exchange Rate) added to most Transactions
    • PreferencesQuery enhanced for multi-currency (e.g., Home Currency)
    • Currency field added to many list items and related requests:
      • Accounts, Customer, Vendor, PriceLevel
  • ClassMod and Class Merge functionality added
  • Closing Date preferences now visible
  • SalesTaxCodeList Mod added
  • Vendor CreditMod added
  • 1099 Account Mapping Preferences
  • Accountant Copy Exists feature: lets you check for this before running requests that will fail if an accountant copy has been made
  • Account Prefill for vendors (pre-fill the expense accounts for payments to vendors)

New features and fields in QuickBooks SDK 7.0 and earlier

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