Your "Apps for QuickBooks Desktop" developer account

Requesting an "Apps for QuickBooks Desktop" developer account

An Apps for QuickBooks Desktop account will allow you to create a product listing for your app on the new Marketplace.

Please ensure you have an Intuit developer account. When you're ready to get started, create a support ticket from your Intuit developer account with the following information:

Subject: “QBD developer account request for YOURCOMPANYNAME”


  1. Company Name
  2. Phone number
  3. First and last name
  4. Email Address

A member of our technical team will provision your company and account in our system and send you an invite.

Managing your accounts and company

  • Each company has at least one “Company Administrator”.   This permission level is needed to manage account and company settings
  • After logging in you will see a top level tab “Manage”. Use “Manage – Account” to enter the account view and manage your company’s settings and your company’s users.  Your second level tabs will now start with “Account”
  • Use the “Company Settings” tab to change your company name, password policy, and default user role.
    • Use “Default User Role - developer”, which will grant users you invite permission to update the product (App Card)
  • Use the “Users” tab to manage and add users.  These are the users who can update your App Card
    • Use the “developer” role when inviting users. This will grant them permission to update the product (App Card)

Support and notifications

  • Support can be obtained by emailing
    • This email account will also send App Card review feedback
  • The marketplace will send automated notifications to the developer on significant events, such as:
    • Account invitations, activation, email and password changes
    • Product (App Card) publish approval/reject
    • Customer review and questions

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