Publishing Your App

The Apps for QuickBooks Desktop marketplace allows developers to publish and manage their QuickBooks Desktop apps by leveraging app cards, ratings and reviews, versioning, and a publish approval flow.

Marketplace criteria

In order for an app to be on the new marketplace it must meet the following criteria:

  • Run on a supported Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Work with at least one of the last three versions of QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Integrate with QuickBooks via the QuickBooks SDK, QBPOS SDK, or QuickBooks Web Connector
  • Follow the Intuit logo and branding guidelines

For more information please see the technical and App Card review requirements

The App review and publish process

  1. Request an Apps For QuickBooks Desktop developer account.
  2. Make sure your app meets the technical requirements and submit it for technical review.
  3. Complete your App Card and meet the App Card requirements.
  4. Request to publish your App Card once you have confirmation it has passed technical review.

Marketplace Principles

All marketplace applications must:

  1. Solve important customer problems
  2. Provide gap fillers for QuickBooks Desktop functionality
  3. Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop via QuickBooks SDK
  4. Meet a minimum quality bar by passing technical and App Card reviews


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