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You must be logged in to Intuit Developer to access the installers or merge modules. If you are not logged in, you are redirected to the sign-on page before you can access the files. If file does not download, seek answers at Developer Support for QBXML SDK v13.0.

Current QBXML SDK support

QuickBooks QBXML SDK 13.0 is the latest release of the QBXML SDK. This release continues to support QuickBooks 2002 and later, including QuickBooks 2018 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 18.0. Read about QBXML SDK 13.0 features here.


If you installed a Beta release, please uninstall before installing QBXML SDK 13.0.

Third-party QBSDK development tools

You can also integrate your software with QuickBooks Desktop using one of the third-party development tools listed in the QuickBooks Development Tools Directory; most of these tools enable integration without the need to directly access the QuickBooks SDK.

QBXML SDK older redistributables

The QBXML SDK 13.0 installer includes redistributable merge modules and installers for the latest versions of QBFC12, QBFC13, and QBXMLRP2. In order to minimize the size of the QBXML SDK 13.0 installer, we did not include redistributables for older versions of QBFC. Note that Intuit did NOT release a QuickBooks SDK Version 9 or QBFC9.

in case you need them we have them archived here:


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