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The QuickBooks Web Connector (QBWC) is a Microsoft Windows application that that enables specially designed web services (web-based applications) to exchange data with QuickBooks desktop products (QuickBooks Financial Software and QuickBooks Point of Sale).

The QBWC is a go-between application that allows qbXML and qbposXML to pass between a Web-based application (implementing a standard Simple Object Access Protocol [SOAP]-based Web service interface) and QuickBooks financial software or QuickBooks Point of Sale. Because all communication is initiated by the Web Connector running on the system with QuickBooks, we avoid opening firewall ports. Communication with Web services can be automatically scheduled or simply be initiated at the user's convenience.

Adding a new Web service to the list of Web services that QBWC can communicate with is as easy for the user as downloading a file. (Files with a .qwc extension are XML files that describe a Web service designed to interact with QuickBooks and are opened automatically by the QBWC.) Users of Quicken's online banking features will immediately recognize the user interface, because it was based on the Quicken One Step Update feature.

The QuickBooks Web Connector can be used with any QuickBooks desktop product supported by the QuickBooks SDK or the QBPOS SDK, including:

  • U.S. editions of QuickBooks Financial Software products
    • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
    • QuickBooks Premier (2002 or later)
    • QuickBooks Pro (2002 or later)
    • QuickBooks Simple Start (2006 or later)
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale (v4.0 or later)
  • Canadian editions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise (2003 or later)
  • UK editions of QuickBooks Pro or Accountant Edition (2003 or later)

An installer for the QuickBooks Web Connector software is available to everyone as a free download from the QuickBooks Web Connector download page. Developers may refer their customers to this page or redistribute the installer to their customers.

For technical information on the QuickBooks Web Connector see the QuickBooks Web Connector Programmer's Guide

Read the QuickBooks SDK FAQs

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