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10 Great Things I Heard at the Startups and the Cloud event

Last Thursday Intuit hosted an event titled Startups and the Cloud focused on the changing nature of starting and succeeding at building a technology business given all of the new tools and platforms that are available. I was honored to host such an awesome event with 200+ people packed into Bentley’s Adamian Hall. It was a great group all assembled to hear from Venture Capitalists, Intuit’s Scott Cook, and startup CEOs. We’ll be sharing some of the videos from… Read more

 June 18, 2009 | admin


Federated Applications on Intuit Partner Platform

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of “Federated Applications” on the Intuit Partner Platform. It’s been a blast to work with our Rock-Star team to deliver this and I want to personally welcome our five new developers, VerticalResponse, DimDim, Rypple, Setster, and ExpenseWare, that have gone through federation already.  It’s always scary going first, but these folks have been great partners and I… Read more

 June 3, 2009 | Alex Chriss