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CPL, EPL and License Proliferation

Hi… I'm Robert Larson, coder and community manager for the new  - yeah…I'm the guy you see in that video 🙂 When we started getting serious about sponsoring an open source community on, one very critical decision was which license to use. Although we've generally had very positive feedback and interest with the new open source initiative since our announcement yesterday, we have heard some questions around… Read more

 July 28, 2009 | admin


Announcing – IPP Open Source Community

This morning we are announcing a new open source community for developers interested in creating connected online applications for small businesses. The community, at, lets developers work with Intuit and each other to build better Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that solve important small business problems via the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP). Context A few weeks ago we announced IPP’s Federated Applications capability to provide developers the ability to write applications using… Read more

 July 27, 2009 | admin

Technical Tips

Federated Applications: Generating your x.509 certificate in Java, OpenSSL or .Net

Are you ready to create a Federated Application on the Intuit Partner Platform? Need help generating your x.509 certificate for testing? Coding in Java or .Net? Here's how… You need to provide Intuit with your public key if you wish to Federate your application, here are the instructions for generating those x.509 certificates. Keep in mind these tools generate your certificate for testing only! Microsoft .Net Instructions: exe: MakeCert.exe Location: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 9.0Common7Tools Step 1: Create the… Read more

 July 23, 2009 | Jarred Keneally