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Are you near Boston and into Windows Azure?

Are you near Boston and into Windows Azure? Then you should know about the Boston Azure User Group - food, drink and lots of Azure provided!  Tomorrow night (3/5) 3/25 I'll be joined by Jarred Keneally to discuss the Windows Azure SDK for IPP and how easy it is for developers to: federate Azure-hosted SaaS apps into IPP integrate those apps with QuickBooks data using IPP's Intuit Data… Read more

 March 24, 2010 | admin


Getting real with

Last June when we launched, we had a big vision but we really didn’t know what would happen. Open Source is new to Intuit and isn’t fully ingrained in our DNA yet. It has been a fun project and over the last couple of months we are starting to feel that we are approaching an inflection point in terms of adoption and utility. We recently launched our Azure IPP SDK project as an Open Source… Read more

 March 11, 2010 | admin


Announcing IPP v2.6

The IPP team is excited to announce that IPP v2.6 is now live and available for IPP partners which includes: 1. INTUIT DATA SERVICES ENHANCEMENTSWe’ve made a significant number of enhancements and improvements to Intuit Data Services. All of the new objects and behaviors listed below work with v2 of the IDS API. Developer must use v2 of the IDS API to utilize these new services.Previous IDS versions (e.g. v1) are supported but will… Read more

 March 4, 2010 | Annie Terry