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How does sync work with respect to dataservices?

Background info:What is Sync Manager? Intuit Sync Manager securely uploads your QuickBooks company file data and downloads the changes made to this data by Intuit dataservices, thereby keeping the data ‘in sync’. When you subscribe to any of the services that require access to your QuickBooks company file data, you need to set up your company file for sync. This feature is available only for QuickBooks 2009 or later. What Intuit Sync Manager does not do: Intuit Sync Manager… Read more

 December 21, 2011 | Annie Terry


Two Improvements to Intuit App Center’s Reviews and Ratings

We’re excited to announce two significant improvements to Intuit App Center’s ratings and reviews functionality.  One of the things we’ve heard from this community is a desire for improvements in reviews on App Center and in December we’re rolling out two new features:  a new review engine and Intuit funded Pro Advisor reviews of every app on App Center.  These are the first of many changes we’re making to deliver a better experience for our customers and developer partners. … Read more

 December 15, 2011 | Annie Terry