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ProOnGo: Ushering in the Era of QuickBooks-Compatible Mobile Apps

The following is a "guest" blog post, by Phillip Leslie is Founder & CEO of ProOnGo LLC, maker of ProOnGo Expense and numerous other QuickBooks-compatible mobile apps. He can be reached at phillip at —- Thinking about building a mobile app that connects to QuickBooks? Welcome. There has never been a better time to do so! Lets review. Just five years ago, of about 219M mobile subscribers in the U.S., just 9.1M of them hadever used a “downloaded application”. Today, there are… Read more

 May 18, 2012 | admin


Announcing IPP 3.5 Release

IPP v3.5 is now live and available for IPP partners. IPP v3.5 CONTENTS 1. Platform Enhancements NEW BLUE DOT As some of you know, IPP recently conducted usability studies on IPP applications and the Intuit Anywhere experience. One of the findings of the usability studies was that the existing Intuit Blue Dot menu icon does not prompt user action; users did not understand that it is a clickable widget to navigate between applications and try/buy new applications. In… Read more

 May 16, 2012 | Annie Terry


Released: Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for Intuit Anywhere

Released: Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for Intuit Anywhere The Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for Intuit Anywhere is a set of development tools that enable developers of SaaS apps developed on Windows Azure to publish those apps on Intuit App Center, where they are available to millions of Intuit customers.  Developers who are not on… Read more

 May 15, 2012 | admin