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Financial Data APIs

Intuit Partner Platform to Open Financial Data Service APIs to Developers

The Intuit Partner Platform team is excited to announce that we'll be making new APIs available to Intuit’s financial data service on a limited basis in October with wider availability in December. That's right – the same services that power Quicken, QuickBooks, Mint and FinanceWorks will be available to 3rd party developers, creating new opportunities to build the next killer finance apps. You can find out more details about this new service and sign up to receive advance release notices,… Read more

 September 12, 2012 | admin

Technical Tips

ODE to OAuth and Rest API’s and how I love thee – NOT

We always get questions about the Rest API’s and what they return versus what is returned through the SDK requests. Well, my goal was to find an easy way to test the API’s without much trouble. To test QuickBooks desktop this was fairly easy. Just log in to workplace or your app with the appropriate company file open and in a new browser you could send the request and get a response. You could also do this with Poster and… Read more

 September 9, 2012 | William Lorfing