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Developer Tools

New IPP Developer Tools – IPP API Explorer

One place to Learn, Test and Use Intuit’s RESTful web APIs live!    Hello IPP developers, I am happy to announce the release of the IPP API Explorer. The API explorer is an interactive interface that lets IPP Developers execute Intuit Data Services API (IDS) V2 (QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks Online), IDS V3 [coming soon] (QuickBooks for Windows and QucikBooks Online) and Customer Account Data API calls right from the API explorer interface. … Read more

 January 30, 2013 | Jarred Keneally


V3 of IPP QuickBooks API – Come along for the ride

Since arriving here last September it's been pretty clear to me that there is a certain amount of mystique and excitement associated with V3 of IPP's QuickBooks API. Many of you have been asking for more details about the what and the when, and we recognize that we are long overdue in giving you an update. We're finally in a solid place to invite you along for the ride and to start demystifying V3 and getting you the updated… Read more

 January 29, 2013 | admin

Technical Tips

The “Security Review”: What to Expect

by Philip Leslie; ProOnGo Expense If you are new to the Intuit Partner Platform, one step in the process that might have caught your eye is the security review that happens once you've finished development and internal testing. It's a checkpoint that helps maintain a high quality bar on apps that are destined for Intuit App Center or live customers, and emphasizes the unique security expectations that come with your request to access… Read more

 January 26, 2013 | Jarred Keneally