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Small business innovation is everywhere, but sometimes you have to stop to notice and celebrate it.

As you know, we on the IPP Team have been busy with the launch of the new developer experience last week. Between fixing bugs, and preparing for our next release, we took some time to attend Finovate Spring 2013 and had an event of our own called “AppRising”. Let me recap both events. Finovate Finovate is a conference for technology innovations in the finance and banking industries. Over 70 companies had 7 minutes each to… Read more

 May 17, 2013 | David Leary


Enjoy The Refreshments

Hey there. We wanted to update you about the new site you’re looking at today –and wanted to share what’s been going on here so bear with us as we take you on the journey we’ve been on… Picture this: one day you get an invitation to go to a friend’s house for a dinner party, and you think “great, sounds fun”.  The evening of the event you show up on time at the door they told you to and… Read more

 May 3, 2013 | admin


Scaling New Heights Tech Track

Sign up and join us for our inaugural tech track at Scaling New Heights in June: We look forward to seeing you there!   Best, Intuit Partner Platform team… Read more

 May 1, 2013 | admin