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Application is Live – V3 Early Adopter Program

I am excited to announce that the Application is now live for the V3 Early Adopter Program Before you start the application make sure you know which entities and other methods you need for your integration. Start V3 Early Adopter Application If you applied for the Early Adopter Program previously we need you to apply again as the new application has changed. Thanks and good luck!… Read more

 June 21, 2013 | admin


Decommissioning Federated Apps – Focusing on the Future with QuickBooks API

Almost exactly a year ago, we let you know about our investment in Intuit Anywhere and that we would decommission the Federated Platform. Since then, we’ve made great strides for the IPP developer experience. It’s now easier for you to decommission your Federated app and move to QuickBooks API. Updates include: A vastly improved developer experience including streamlined app creation and management Expanded documentation, new APIs and modern tools A better shop, try, and buy experience for customers Available… Read more

 June 20, 2013 | David Leary