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Script to generate SSL Certificate for Customer Account Data and Quickbooks API

If you are developer like me and have openssl and java on your machine then here is a simple bash script for you to generate the certificate.  If you are on windows and don’t have bash then you could try this in cygwin. What does the script do ? Generate a java keystore with the following SSL attributes Key size = 2048 Valid for 9000 days Use first argument as the name of keystore file and alias name in… Read more

 October 28, 2013 | Kishore Jonnalagedda


IPP Status Update on the Status of our Status Notification System

The title of this post says it all! We are moving to a new status system that is now the single source of truth for scheduled and unscheduled outages related to the IPP Platform.  Bookmark, save or subscribe to the IPP Status dashboard: If you like to use twitter for your status updates, you will be happy to know the status system will automatically tweet to @IPPStatus We… Read more

 October 15, 2013 | admin