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2014 Roadmap and Migration Dates for Existing Developers

Between the “harmony” changes in QuickBooks Online, and the recent changes to the Intuit Partner Platform, all of us have been busy, and will continue to be busy in 2014. Many of these changes are going to affect you, as an existing developer, and our customers. I wanted spend some time to communicate what the QuickBooks development options look like, the migration timelines, and my commitments to you. Snapshot of QuickBooks development options Last month, there were many… Read more

 December 19, 2013 | David Leary


Question: What information about an attribute is most important?

Hey, IPP developers – we have a question for you. Our team in IPP is doing some design work to make the entity reference pages (like this one for BillPayment) easier to learn and use. Designing an entity page is all about organizing the attribute information so it’s easy to skim through and find what’s important. But within our own team, we had different beliefs about WHAT’s most important for an attribute– the description? The data type and… Read more

 December 16, 2013 | admin


Policy enforcement to prevent data incompatibilities when using QuickBooks Online REST API v2 against unsupported global companies

I wanted to communicate this policy enforcement, that went into effect yesterday, to the broader audience. I have reached out, via email, to any developers that are directly affected by this change. Policy Enforcement: Restrict the QuickBooks Online REST API v2 from accessing QuickBooks Online Global Companies Why: QuickBooks Online REST API v2 is neither designed nor compatible with features of QuickBooks Online global companies, this new restriction will ensure that no data incompatibility occurs. Some… Read more

 December 12, 2013 | David Leary


Monthly IPP Developer Call – December 2013

IPP Developer Lon Orenstein, from Dashboards+Sync for QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM and Map Business Online hosts a monthly developer call for IPP developers. Per Lon: “The purpose is for developers to get together and talk about things specific to our issues (especially technical ones), how we run our business, how we deal with Intuit, and any other topics you’d like to bring up that are common… Read more

 December 3, 2013 | David Leary