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SDKs updated to support the new Reports API

The IPP team is working constantly to make your lives easier and to help you improve your integrations. We just released updated versions of the .Net and Java SDKs that support the QBO v3 Reporting APIs. This is great news if you have been waiting for reporting from QBO! You can download the SDKs and read the documentation here. The 16 APIs now supported in the SDKs are: AP Aging Summary AR Aging Summary Balance Sheet Business Activity Statement… Read more

 April 17, 2014 | admin


Friday Funny – Fan Mail !

Every once in a while it is fun to just kick back and drink a beer and read something on the internet. Well here is a fun little story from my work life. I don’t check my work mailbox because I never receive mail. Today, I walked past the group of mailboxes and was going to ignore it as usual, then I noticed someone received a TON of letters. I looked closer, and they were in my box!!! addressed to me!!!… Read more

 April 11, 2014 | admin


IPP Google Hangout Improvements

Just a quick heads up, we have made some improvements to the IPP Friday Morning Hangout. Now created using the IPP Google+ Page New easier “permanent” URL:  The IPP Friday Morning Hangout is now only 2 hours (9am to 11am PST) every Friday We are adding two new IPP Global Hangouts, they will alternate every other Thursday and run for 1 hour. Here is the schedule for the next… Read more

 April 8, 2014 | David Leary


Using a two phased approach to launching on Intuit

You can use the QuickBooks Online REST API v3 to seamlessly connect your app to QuickBooks Online data. The connection uses the web-based standards OAuth, OpenID, and RESTful API calls. But, sometimes it isn’t clear what should be implemented, and in which order. Here is a two phased approach for launching your app on Intuit Before we jump in,… Read more

 April 2, 2014 | David Leary