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Unicorns, Rainbows, and Services, Oh My!

Last week, the majority of the IPP team attended our annual Create the Offering Forum (CTOF). This is an annual event that includes staff from product development, product management, and experience design across all of our businesses. Our theme this year was services and how they enable us to deliver awesome product experiences, at scale, with agility. Intuits internal tech conference starts today. Let’s make some awesome product experiences! #intuitctof — Chris Gielow (@gielow)… Read more

 May 21, 2014 | Lori Fraleigh


IPP Developer Session at Scaling New Heights – JOIN US!

The IPP team will be hosting a developer-only session and social at Scaling New Heights, in San Antonio, TX on Monday, June 16th.  This exclusive session will include a view into the IPP Roadmap, Marketing Metrics, Global Updates and an IPP Q&A panel. Afterwards we invite you to join us for a social with fun drinks, yummy food and mingling with the IPP team and your developer peers! Our evangelists and technical engineers will also be available for 1:1 meetings… Read more

 May 21, 2014 | Annie Terry


QuickBooks Online REST API v3 SDK Upgrades Required

As the QBO SDKs continue to grow and mature along with the platform, you will periodically need to update to the latest version of the SDK.An upgrade is required at this time because earlier versions of the SDK are not compatible with schema changes that have been made in the service. WhoAll developers using QBO SDKs older than the versions below: Name Version .NET v3 SDK for QBO 2.0.4 Java v3 SDK for QBO 2.1.2… Read more

 May 19, 2014 | William Lorfing


Migration Update: QuickBooks Online XML SDK to QuickBooks Online REST API v3

Many of you have been wondering what is going to happen after the 5/15/2014 QBO XML SDK to QuickBooks Online REST API v3 migration deadline. Hopefully, this timeline of events will help clarify expectations for both you and your customers: Soon after the deadline of 5/15/2014 (probably the following Monday or Tuesday) your QuickBooks Online users will get an offer to upgrade to the new QuickBooks Online “harmony”. The offer to upgrade will give customers a… Read more

 May 14, 2014 | David Leary


Lettuce Agrees to Join Forces with Intuit

As you may have seen on the QuickBooks blog, Intuit has entered into an agreement to acquire Lettuce, a start-up focused on helping product-based small businesses succeed by providing easy to use cloud-based solutions, including a robust inventory and order management system. You may wonder what this means for other IPP developers, both existing and future. Nothing has changed: we remain an open platform. Just as our customers… Read more

 May 8, 2014 | Avi Golan


Monthly IPP Developer Call – May 2014

IPP Developer Lon Orenstein, from Dashboards+Sync for QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM and Map Business Online hosts a monthly developer call for IPP developers. Per Lon: “The purpose is for developers to get together and talk about things specific to our issues (especially technical ones), how we run our business, how we deal with Intuit, and any other topics you’d like to bring up that are common to… Read more

 May 6, 2014 | David Leary