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New Reporting APIs You Won’t Believe We Just Launched!

After my last post I decided to actually go to to get inspiration for a title, and I was not disappointed. Also, I learned that the Kardashians are mentally capable enough to tweet. Is this a sign that the US education system is improving?  (If you can’t tell; Lori, my supreme overlord well respected boss, does not let me get out much #saveMe)  New QBO Reporting APIs: APAging Detail… Read more

 July 31, 2014 | admin


Intuit is Making its Mobile Privacy Notice Code Available On Open Source

Last year, the U.S. government hosted multi-stakeholder talks to forge common ground on mobile app privacy. The result was the Mobile App Privacy Voluntary Code of Conduct, which calls for mobile applications to include a short form privacy notice — simple, easily understandable screens — that clearly inform consumers what data is being collected and with whom the data is shared. The screens supplement traditional privacy policies by summarizing important information in a consumer-friendly design. Intuit took great care to… Read more

 July 24, 2014 | Lori Fraleigh

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OAuth & OpenID Requirements and Best Practices

Am I required to implement OAuth? YES, if you want to access a small business owner’s QuickBooks Online data. Am I required to implement OpenID? YES, if you want to offer your app on Why we have requirements The short answer: we have them to ensure a consistent customer experience across all apps. Imagine if the first 10 apps that came out on the iPhone had 10 different experiences to install… Read more

 July 22, 2014 | David Leary


10 New API features – That Will Change Your Life!

You can probably tell by the title that I have started taking blogging advice from Cozmo… Well after the past few weeks it should not be surprising that I am going slightly crazy. This week we launched 10 new QBO API features for you to utilize in your app. Support for the following report endpoints: AP Aging Detail AR Aging Detail Customer Balance Detail… Read more

 July 17, 2014 | admin