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What Developers Should Know About QuickBooks Desktop 2015 and the SDK

QuickBooks Desktop 2015 is now available!QuickBooks Desktop 2015 offers new financial insights at a glance, improved reporting capabilities, and improved collaboration and efficiency. For a full list of new features click here. IPP developers can continue to use the existing QBXML SDK v13.0 to integrate their applications with QuickBooks Desktop 2015.QuickBooks Desktop 2015 Bug Fixes In addition to the new features, Integrating with QuickBooks Desktop 2015 just got better with the… Read more

 September 29, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens

QuickBooks Connect / QuickBooks Connect 2014

Developers and Accountants: Connecting at QuickBooks Connect

QuickBooks Connect is designed to bring together developers, accountants, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Cathy Iconis, one of the most respected CPAs in the country, is one of the hundreds of accountants who will be there. Recently I had the chance to ask her some questions about why developers and apps are important to her and her work. Question: As a top QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, why are you coming to QuickBooks Connect? Cathy: When I heard… Read more

 September 29, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens

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Use the Intuit Customer Account Data API to Build an App for the Citi US Mobile Challenge

While we’re hoping to see many of you in person at the QuickBooks Connect Hackathon in San Jose next month, we wanted to share a great opportunity with you to enter an online competition. Citi® Mobile Challenge Intuit is proud to help sponsor the Citi Mobile Challenge. This is a great opportunity for developers interested in or already using the Customer Account Data API. The Citi Mobile Challenge is a virtual competition designed to bring together the… Read more

 September 29, 2014 | Lori Fraleigh


See you at FinDEVr next week in San Francisco!

The Finovate team has put together another great event; this time it’s specifically for developers, and we’re delighted to be part of it. For two days next week (Sept 30 – Oct 1) we’ll be gathering along with 100s of developers at FinDEVr San Francisco. We’re really impressed by the preparations that have gone into this new conference series. We know the fintech dev community will be excited to network with colleagues and will be inspired by the… Read more

 September 23, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens

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$100K Intuit Developer Hackathon at QuickBooks Connect

We are really excited to announce today that we’ve got $100K in cash prizes for our upcoming Developer Hackathon, scheduled for Mon.-Tues., Oct. 20-21, 2014, just before the QuickBooks Connect 2014 conference in San Jose.  The lively, intense two days will begin with breakfast on Monday morning and a couple informative tech presentations from Intuit leaders and experts (like Intuit Fellow Joe Wells, David Leary, and Jarred Keneally, just to name a few), including unveiling a new API… Read more

 September 18, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens

Technical Tips

It’s a Security Issue! Practical Tips for Common Web Application Security Vulnerabilities.

This is a guest post from our partner and service provider, Cigital.Cigital has been conducting vulnerability scans of applications using the QuickBooks API for the past few years. Though these applications are coming from different companies, we are observing the same set of issues repeatedly. This blog post points to the top HIGH severity issues we observe repeatedly in the vulnerability scans, the impact from each of these issues, and how best to prevent these issues. The… Read more

 September 16, 2014 | Jarred Keneally

Marketing Tips

Webinar Slides & Recording – Marketing your QuickBooks Online Integration

Early survey results are showing that most of you loved this webinar and the content.  Let us know if there are more topics you would like us to cover.  In this one hour webinar we covered the below topics: Things You Should Know QuickBooks Connect Updates OpenID – Why it is Required How to Successfully Market Your App on Security – Cross Site Scripting Q&A Here are the slides (PDF): Developer Webinar 09-11-14 YouTube Link: Marketing your QuickBooks Online… Read more

 September 15, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens

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Meet Joe Wells, Intuit Engineering Fellow, at QuickBooks Connect

Hi all, I’m Joe Wells and I’ll be presenting at this year’s QuickBooks Connect event. I’m looking forward to meeting you all there to learn what we can do with QuickBooks Online to better support you. It’s exciting for me because one of the best things about working at Intuit is our unfiltered access to customers. We are a customer-driven company where engineers are encouraged to reach out and learn directly from the small businesses that our… Read more

 September 10, 2014 | Joe Wells

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Timeline to Discontinue the QuickBooks Desktop REST API

UPDATED: February 3, 2015Updated: October 6, 2014Published: September 8, 2014 We want to share with you, our developer community, an important update about how Intuit will be prioritizing developer and platform resources in the coming years, with specific implications for the QuickBooks Desktop REST API. The emergence of the cloud means that now, more than ever, we are serving customers on two distinct platforms – a desktop product and an online offering. We’ve recently reached an inflection point… Read more

 September 8, 2014 | Lori Fraleigh


Don’t Panic Marketing – Webinar 9-11-2014

As promised, the September webinar will focus on how to best market your app for the QuickBooks Online user base.  Have you ever pondered the answer to life, universe and everything; then landed on the answer of 42?  Well Deep Thought has . . . and the answer confused everyone.  In this webinar we will provide information that is much easier to understand and gain value from than 42. Date: Thursday, September 11Time: 10am – 11am PDT (California… Read more

 September 5, 2014 | admin