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45 App Pitches, 5 Judges, 4 Prizes … Everyone’s a winner, baby, that’s the truth

It’s been a week since the QuickBooks Connect conference ended, and the hackathon developers have all headed home and gone back to their day jobs. The Intuit Developer team is also back in the office, catching our breath from the excitement of last week, reviewing all the feedback, following up on action items, and planning for what comes next.  One of the biggest highlights of QuickBooks Connect for all of us was the Pitch It event on… Read more

 October 30, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens

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Intuit Developer Transforms at QuickBooks Connect, Launches New Developer Experience

Almost a year ago, I joined Intuit to lead our partner platform and was hugely impressed by both the capabilities of the platform as well as the team who serves developers as customers. However, it was clear that there was even more we could do to make it easier for developers to get started on our platform. Last week at QuickBooks Connect, we announced a new name – Intuit Developer – and launched a… Read more

 October 27, 2014 | Avi Golan


Intuit Developer Sponsors Money 20/20 Hackathon November 1-2

Fresh on the success of our own hackathon at QuickBooks Connect, we are excited to head to Las Vegas this weekend as a sponsor of the 1st Money 20/20 Hackathon. Developers have the chance to win one one of ten cash prizes – five $20k prizes and five $5k prizes – for a total of $125,000 in prize money. Each sponsor of the hackathon has defined a challenge for participants. Our… Read more

 October 27, 2014 | Lori Fraleigh


Intuit Developer Now Offers QuickBooks Sandboxes

On Wednesday, October 22nd, we launched a brand new developer experience at QuickBooks Connect. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing details about all the great new features we launched, but today’s topic is sandboxes and app tokens.  We previewed some details Sunday night, but we now want to share some more details about the new QuickBooks sandbox. QuickBooks Sandbox Previously, we provided you with 1 year developer subscriptions for QuickBooks Online for… Read more

 October 24, 2014 | Nimisha Shrivastava

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Final Stretch to the #HackQB Pitches

When I’m running on a deadline for something due “today”, I sometimes buy some time with the mantra “today doesn’t end till I’ve gone to bed.” If I apply that rule to this hackathon, though, I’m not actually sure if this is day 2 or technically still day 1. I’ve got to admit that I faded and went to bed at 2:30am, but there were some committed and focused devs who worked all night long.  By 7am the room was… Read more

 October 21, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens


After Midnight and Still Coding ….

It’s past the witching hour and none of us have turned into pumpkins yet. I’m finally getting a chance to tell you a bit about day 1 of our Hackathon here in San Jose — a full house, a great mix of developers, some old friends and some new. We gave the crowd a sneak peek of a new developer experience and a new API. They’re getting a chance to use cool new tools and we’re getting invaluable feedback. We’re… Read more

 October 20, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens


Changes to IPP App Tokens

This week is a very exciting week for the Intuit Partner Platform team. On Wednesday, we’ll be launching a brand new developer experience that we think will knock your socks off. While the new experience won’t be visible for a couple more days, there are some changes to how QuickBooks Online app tokens are used between now and then. Between now and Wednesday, October 22, QuickBooks Online development tokens will not be able to connect to regular… Read more

 October 20, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens

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QuickBooks Connect Hackathon: What to Know, and How to Join Us Virtually

There are barely four days to go till the start of the QuickBooks Connect $100K Developer Hackathon. We’re eager to see your innovative ideas for apps that will solve real problems for accountants and small businesses. We’ve put together a detailed Hackathon FAQ that should answer a lot of your questions. Please be sure to read through it before you come. Something missing? Let us know and we’ll add it to the FAQ. If you’re not able to… Read more

 October 15, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens

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Who’s Coming to the Hackathon?

Only 5 days till we convene in San Jose for the QuickBooks Connect 2014 Developer Hackathon! Are you registered? We’ve had an incredible response and are basically near or at capacity. We’re really excited and eager to work with all of you to build some amazing apps and projects together next week. If you haven’t started packing yet, take a moment to read this Hackathon FAQ to make sure you’re bringing all the right things with you.  Still… Read more

 October 14, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens

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Developers: Brad Smith wants you to come to QuickBooks Connect!

I don’t think I could say it any better. Listen to Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, tell you the reasons you don’t want to miss QuickBooks Connect and the Developer Hackathon, coming up just 10 days from now! Take a minute to listen: Identify yourself as a Developer when you register. Have questions? Post them in the comments below or tweet us at @ippdev! See you in San Jose, Lisa… Read more

 October 10, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens