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Why have a virtual hackathon

The following is a guest blog post from Koding’s Chief Business Officer, Nitin Gupta.  Hackathons are a way for creative teams to solve difficult problems in a very short amount of time. However, the challenge with most traditional hackathons is that they require you to be physically present at a location. With more and more of our lives moving online, why be tied to a location to solve problems? This was the genesis of the idea behind Koding’s Global Virtual… Read more

 November 19, 2014 | Jo Peach


Intuit Sponsors Inaugural Koding Global Hackathon

About a week ago, an old colleague, Nitin Gupta reached out to me with an exciting proposition. He asked if Intuit would be interested in sponsoring the inaugural Koding hackathon and if I would be interested in being a judge. I took a quick look and immediately knew I had to say yes! Koding itself is a developer community and cloud development environment. It’s exciting to see them be the 1st to run… Read more

 November 19, 2014 | Lori Fraleigh


Money2020: A Hackathon to Rule Them All

If you weren’t able to attend the Money2020 hackathon earlier this month in Las Vegas, then you missed a lot of exciting and innovative teams working hard to change the world. The event kicked off Friday, Oct. 31 with a party at Club Haze.  My boss would fire me if I posted pictures from that event but you can imagine it was crazy! Saturday morning the hackathon started. I have to point out that the… Read more

 November 11, 2014 | admin


Intuit Developer at Web Summit 2014

Last week, a small group from Intuit disembarked in Dublin to join a few other folks (OK, about 20,000!) at the Web Summit. The Summit started as an informal meet up of 450 members of the tech community in 2010; by 2013 it had already grown to more than 10,000. The attendees ranged from Amazon to Zynga, with VCs, industry analysts, and media thrown in for fun. They joined for all different reasons: get funding, get bought,… Read more

 November 10, 2014 | Kathy Tsitovich

QuickBooks App Store

Introducing the All-New QuickBooks

Two weeks ago at QuickBooks Connect we launched an all-new, the ultimate small business app store for QuickBooks Online users. Besides a fresh, more modern look, the redesign of our app store focused on improving app discoverability, improving the publishing process, and extending the reach of the store worldwide. Global App StoresThe new includes region-specific app store sites for Australia (AU), Canada (CA), the UK, and India (IN), as well as… Read more

 November 7, 2014 | Kevin Hwa

Payments API

Introducing the QuickBooks Payments Beta APIs

Payments is essential to the life of any small business. And increasingly it’s a piece that is becoming less physical and more digital. So when we looked at our platform, it only felt natural to add Payments APIs to enhance your ability to build the best apps behind small business success. So let’s take a look at the new QuickBooks Payments APIs. What can these APIs do? We’ve exposed two new endpoints to support payments: tokens and charges. Read more

 November 7, 2014 | admin

Payments API / QuickBooks App Store

The New Developer Experience and What It Means for You as a Developer

Two weeks ago at QuickBooks Connect 2014 we launched a brand new developer experience. We believe it is a big step forward in our vision of delivering the best cloud platform for small business apps. Let me share our product thinking behind this release and what we believe it will mean to you as a developer. Our journey started roughly 6-7 months back with the decision to revamp the developer experience at and address the negative Voice-of-Customer. Read more

 November 5, 2014 | Ketan Kittur