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18 Month Timeline to Discontinue QuickBooks Online v2 REST API

What is happening? On June 1st, 2016 Intuit will discontinue all support for the QuickBooks Online v2 REST API. After June 1st, 2016 applications will no longer be allowed to make v2 API Calls. Why is this happening? About a year ago, Intuit announced the availability of v3 of the QuickBooks Online REST API.  Since then, we’ve been encouraging you to migrate your apps from v2 to v3, in this post and this one. Today, Intuit is announcing… Read more

 December 19, 2014 | Jarred Keneally


Lean Startup Conference 2014

In the spirit of being lean, I am going to keep this post short. Thank you. ( Well… it turns out my boss was “not happy” with the short post) It was a rainy, cold day in San Francisco California where the annual Lean Startup conference was being held.  There was a storm on the horizon and to quote the morning news, “BIG storm is coming. The big storm will be big. And now for more on the coming big… Read more

 December 18, 2014 | admin

Marketing Tips

Running a SaaS business and best practices

Special Guest Post by Joe Dennis, Intuit Group Product Manager Special contribution by Vishal Aggarwal, Intuit Senior Product Manager In a comment on a recent blog post, some questions were raised about moving from desktop-focused development to a SaaS-based model.  We’re increasingly hearing these kinds of questions from developers who want to take advantage of Intuit’s growing SaaS ecosystem. In this post, I’ll try to address some of these questions (e.g., hosting / resource strategy, data persistence)… Read more

 December 17, 2014 | Jo Peach


Happy Hour with Intuit Developer Coming to a City Near You

As Intuit Developer hits the road over the next few months, we are excited to host happy hour with developers we don’t normally get to see. This Thursday, December 18th, we’ll be hosting happy hour in downtown Seattle, Washington. In conjunction with QuickBooks Online certification training events for accountants in January, we’ll be hosting happy hours for developers in some of their cities: On Tuesday, January 6th, we’ll host happy hour in Dallas, Texas. On… Read more

 December 16, 2014 | Lori Fraleigh

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Intuit Developer at Lean Startup Conference

We’re really excited to be attending and exhibiting at this week’s Lean Startup conference in San Francisco. Why? This conference gives us a unique opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs about one of the most important business processes for small businesses and startups: Accounting.  Here at Intuit, we want to give small businesses the very best options and services to meet their accounting needs. One of the important ways we do that is through collaboration with you, the developer… Read more

 December 10, 2014 | Jo Peach

Technical Tips

Intuit RealmIds are changing from Integer to Long

NOTE: Updated: August 2015 Action Required: You must ensure your application can accommodate the new long RealmId format that will be in Production by June 2015 toward the end of calendar year 2015. What is Happening: RealmIds are the numeric identifier that Intuit Identity Services use to identify a QuickBooks company record. The current format is a 10-digit Integer. At the current rate, we will run out of IDs in about two years in the Production environment. To address this, we are… Read more

 December 8, 2014 | Jarred Keneally


Intuit hosts Node Day this Friday, Dec 5

Special Guest Post by Boki Beran, Intuit Web UI Architect This Friday, December 5, we will be hosting “Node Day” at Intuit’s Mountain View location. Node Day is for Architects, Developer managers and principal engineers from mid-to-large size companies, who are currently using or looking to use NodeJS as a solution for their company. It’s an exciting full day and starts at 9 am (registration from 8-9 am) and ends at 4 pm. Our intent for Node Day is to have an… Read more

 December 1, 2014 | Jo Peach


Monthly Intuit Developer Call: December 2014

Lon Orenstein, from Dashboards+Sync for QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM and Map Business Online hosts a monthly developer call for Intuit Developers. Per Lon: “The purpose is for developers to get together and talk about things specific to our issues (especially technical ones), how we run our business, how we deal with Intuit, and any other topics you’d like to bring up that are common to software companies who have Apps that… Read more

 December 1, 2014 | Jo Peach