July 25, 2016 | Lisa Rathjens

Getting customers to write reviews for your app

You’ve built your QuickBooks integration and published your app on the QuickBooks app store at Apps.com. Your marketing campaigns have begun. Do you know some of your best marketers are the customers who love your app? The great reviews your customers write for your app are a big influencer in how other customers shop.

How to get reviews

The best way to get reviews for your app is simply to ask for them directly, at the right time and in the right way. However you ask, make sure you make your request simple, clear, and easy for the customer to take action. Check out these docs that describe our policies on inviting, approving, and responding to reviews.

When to ask

The best time to ask is after the customer has had a good experience with your app. For example, when a customer converts from trial to paid subscription, you could trigger an email that welcomes them and asks them to write a review. Or when a customer has a positive experience with your support staff, ask them to write a review. If you send a regular email message to your customers, you can include a request and link. Think about the times of customer interaction with you and your staff, as well as the ways customers use your app, to identify the best times to make the request.

How to ask

You can make your request via email, a pop-up on your website, or directly during a support chat or call. Direct those who’ve had a positive experience to the Apps.com review page; direct those who have an issue back to your website for support or to provide feedback privately. Ask them:

Is [Name of your App] working well for you?

Give them two options. If they click:

  • Yes: Then it’s time to ask: Would you share your feedback in a review on Apps.com? Provide 2 options: “Maybe later” and “OK”.
  • Not really: Direct them to an option on your website where they can leave their feedback and be contacted by you, or direct them to your support channel.

You’ll find that more customers will take the time to write a review for you if you ask them directly to do so.

While you should never offer to pay for reviews, you can encourage participation by offering a prize via a contest or sweepstakes if people take the time to write a review. To learn more about how to use a sweepstakes to encourage reviews, see these sweepstakes best practices.

Avoiding negative reviews

While you want everyone to have a great experience with your app, occasionally problems happen and issues arise. A good way to prevent these occurrences from turning into negative reviews is to have a feedback area on your site that connects to customer support. Make it easy for your customer to get the help they need and to provide feedback on usability, features, and service.


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