March 16, 2017 | Patty Hair

QuickBooks Online API v1702 released

QuickBooks Online V1702 was recently released.

New features for developers include:

  • The field, Item.FullyQualifiedName, is now filterable.
  • New preferences attribute: Preferences.SalesFormsPrefs.EmailCopyToCompany. If set to true, the QuickBooks company is cc’ed on any email sent to customers for sales transactions. Company email used is specified by CompanyInfo.Email.Address.  Available with minor version 8.
  • New preferences attribute: Preferences.SalesFormsPrefs.UsingPriceLevels. If set to true, the QuickBooks company has price levels enabled for sales transactions. See the release notes for further information about price levels.

Find out more in the release notes. Check here for known issues.

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